How to Change Blades on a Grasshopper Mower- Experts’ Guide

Do you think of changing your grasshopper mower blades? But you don’t know how to change grasshopper mower blades. Then you have come to the right way.

Let’s know about how to change blades on a grasshopper mower. A good quality full grasshopper lawn mower depends on the mowing blade. Grasshopper mower will not be able to do his job well if the blades are not mowing.No need to worry about it.

Here, we will provide the best directions on how to replace the old blades and install the new mower blades. And this article will help you to find out your natural process. Let’s give some description bellow.

How To Change Blades On A Grasshopper Mower

In this part, we will mention the stepwise guidelines of how to change blades on a grasshopper mower.

Step 1: Remove the old blades

1. Open the mower deck

First of all, you lift the mower deck and check it safely. The best time to check when there is no gas in the mower. Then you used your hand to removing mower blades. Please wait for some time until you use it all up to change the blades.

Grasshopper mower deck is very heavy, so carefully doing this job.

2. Unplug your mower spark plug

It is the best side to stay on the safe when unplugging the spark plug. But oil and gas have also come in contact with the spark plug. It is not a big problem if you hold the mower properly.

3. Remove the blades from the mounting bolt

Use a perfect-sized socket wrench and unbolt the mounting, using your other hand to keep the blades from turning. Very carefully doing this step, because not lose any washers and mounting hardware. You hold the leaves and take it easy. You can reuse the mower blade.

Attention to the blade position when you’re removing it. You will adjust the new mount in the same way. You will use this step then you install the blades easily.

Step 2: Installing the new blades

1. Purchase the replacement mower blades

After replacement, the blades are decidedly sharper. You can use the previous replacement blade if your old mowing set is some problem, the best idea to invest in a new blade set.

Some mower’s blades are not the same. The two shorter blades attached in the mower, and the single one feature is longer. It looks like a ruler. Check the mower deck and inspect the blade. Talk to someone and clear this problem.

So, you purchase a new blade set for your mower and attached it. And you can salvage the old blade set.

2. Adjust the new blade in the appropriate direction

Before you start the adjustment, you make a line for blades, and step by step matching washers or nuts. It is essential to use new washers or nuts of the appropriate size. If you do the job manually, then you have to check the nuts.

Just for sure not to over tighten and warp the blade, because your mower can cause vibration. Most blades are not a universal fit. You have the same length as the old blades before adjusting the new blades for your same mower deck.

Tighten the new blades carefully because it’s so sharper more than old blades. When you are doing the adjust blade, you must wear the hand gloves to keep your hands safe.

All the steps are beneficial to do the job correctly.

3. Check the blade for starting

Check the blade is mounted correctly and no issues when you move it up and down. Before stating you check all parts correctly, otherwise can damage your machine.

4. Refill the gas tank

Check the gas tank for sure the oil did not saturate the foam filter. And the spark plug wire in reattached. You carefully refill the gas tank.

5. Pre-check before mowing

After all the steps, you check the mower properly and start cutting the grass much more comfortably with the new grasshopper mower blades.

With the help of the above description, you gain lots of information about How to change blades on a grasshopper mower.


  • Before starting, turn off all the electric supply.
  • Give the mower a few times to cool down.
  • Don’t rush the wire.
  • Not to touch any other properties.
  • Carefully hold the new blades.
  • Be careful for yourself.

Final Thoughts

Any model of the grasshopper, you can follow this instruction and doing better work. End of the process, you can drive for testing. Your grasshopper mower is perfect for riding.

Now we can assure you are reading this article. You can find out your proper information about How to change blades on a grasshopper mower.