How to Overseed Bermuda- 5 Steps with Expert’s Guide

How to overseed Bermuda? In my topics. Today I describe, the process of overseeding Bermuda. If you have a lawn to grow Bermuda, you have to read the article must. In this article, I describe what we need, how to overseeding, what are the suitable time of Bermuda overseeding.

Bermuda is one kind of grass. The scientific name of Bermuda is ‘Cynodon doctylon.‘ It is a perennial warm-season grass. This grass is suitable for the spring season.

Bermuda is sensitive to cold temperatures. It is the fastest-growing grass in warm temperatures. So this grass is suitable for southern lawns.

How To Overseed Bermuda?

Bermuda is heat, drought, and salt-tolerant grass. It is a nutrient requirement and high maintenance grass. Bermuda is also a traffic tolerant grass. So if you are the owner of a lawn and want to decorate your lawn with overseed grass, you have to read my article about how to overseed Bermuda?

There have some steps to overseed Bermuda. Now I describe it-

What Do We Need?

We need to overseed Bermuda is-

  • Mower machine
  • Seeds of Bermuda
  • Rake for cleaning
  • Rotary spreader

Mower Machine: We need a mower machine to mow the lawn. So you have to collect or buy a good mower machine to start the project.

Seeds of Bermuda: Before starting the project, you must need more seeds of Bermuda with other grasses seeds. So you have to select the best quality seeds for overseeding.

Rake for Cleaning: Rake is the best cleaner instrument for this project. To clean the unkempt lawn, you have to buy a rake for the lawn.

Rotary Spreader: A rotary spreader is a vital instrument in the project. To spreading seeds properly, you have to need the rotary spreader.

5 Steps of How To Overseed Bermuda

Now I describe the 5 steps of oversees Bermuda. If you want to follow all steps, you can overseed Bermudagrass easily. So please follow all steps before starting your project, how to overseed Bermuda?

Step 1: Select Lawn

Bermuda is the fastest growth in the sun’s hot weather. Lawn selected is a vital point for the project. At first, you should know the temperature of lawn soil.

If the soil temperature is hot more than usual, you can select that lawn for overseeding Bermuda. Shadow is not suitable for Bermuda. So you have tried to choose a hot sun area.

Step2: Clean the Lawn

Then you pick up the dirt with your hand using hand gloves. The lawn may have many unnecessary leaves or other dirt; you can clean these with easily.

Step3: Mow the Lawn

After cleaning all dirt, you can ready for to next step. Mow the lawn is the next step. To mowing the selecting area, you need a lawn mow machine.

  1. First Mowing: last of winter
  2. Second Mowing: mid in the spring

To prepare the lawn by coring, you have to use the machine. You should do this process before some weeks of overseeding. The mowing process can give you good results to grow up Bermuda quickly.

Step4: Use Lawn Rake

After mowing the lawn, you have to clean the lawn area again. Because for mowing, much dirt comes out from the soil. Otherwise many cutting grasses can you see there.

So now you need a lawn rake for cleaning the selected lawn area after mowing. First, you need a rake to gather all cutting grass like dirt. You can collect these easily by using the lawn rake.

  1. First, you put on gloves on both hands.
  2. Take a lawn rake and gather all dirt on the selected area.
  3. In this step, you can use a bin to collect all of the dust by using two rakes.
  4. Push on the bin dirt and take more.
  5. After keeping all of the cutting grass in the bin. Then you can fire these.

Now see, your lawn becomes clear. Otherwise, you can also use a blower machine to clean the lawn from cutting grasses. Blowing grass is a quick process to blow dirt.

Step5: Spread Seeds

Wow! Now we reach the primary step. After mowing the lawn and clean up the lawn, we can start this step. In this step, we need a rotary spreader. A rotary spreader is a machine that helps to spread seeds over the lawn.

  1. Select a better rotary machine.
  2. Fill the machine half with Bermuda seeds.
  3. Roll on the handle of the rotary to broadcast the seeds.
  4. You can broadcast the seeds in multiple directions by using a rotary machine.

After preparing the lawn by coring, you have to start this step of spread seeds. During spring to early summer, you have to spread seeds.

Because Bermuda seeds are suitable for the hot, warm season. The Rain season is sensitive to Bermuda seeds. Cold is also not proper.

After spreading seeds on the lawn soil, you have to wait 8-10 weeks.

Overseeding Bermuda

Now you have to wait minimum days to grow the Bermuda seeds. For overseeding, you can mixed seeds (annual ryegrass, perennial ryegrass) with Bermuda.

If you mixed other seeds with Bermuda, you could see a beautiful lawn all over the year. In the spring season, bermudagrass maintainS the beauty of the lawn. If you seed ryegrass, in the winter season, you can see a beautiful lawn.

After the bermudagrass reaches 3 inches long, you must cut the bermudagrass.

In the spring, you have to Mow

  1. Hybrid Bermuda between ½ -3/2 inches long
  2. Common Bermuda between 3/2-5/2 inches long

Apply Herbicide

To protect the beautiful lawn grass from insects, you have to use the herbicide process. If insects attacked your lawn grasses, you could not overseed Bermuda. The herbicide is essential –

  1. Protect your lawn from insects.
  2. Protect your lawn from dullness.
  3. Applying herbicide, you give a natural growth of grass.


This article is about how to overseed Bermuda by mixing more Bermuda grass seeds. You have to need at least 90 days to overseed Bermuda. So you must wait three months to get overseed Bermuda.

Bermuda overseed is increases the beauty of your lawn. If you are the southern lawn owner, you can try this process to make overseed Bermuda.