How to Move Gravel by Hand & Tools- Check All Possible Ways

Are the gravels on your lawn making it hard to the growth of the grasses? Or do you want to make a pathway and now at a loss how to move gravel?

Whatever the reason is, today we will know about all the possible ways of moving the gravels. Yes, we know there can be different sizes of gravels, and the methods for each may not be the same.

But don’t you worry. We have included here all the methods either you look for the ways to move with hands or use any tools or hire some people to assist you in moving the gravels.

So, let’s start.

How to Move Gravel?

Let’s move on to the gravel moving procedures. We know you may have come across so many methods from your search or advice from the neighbors and friends. But what is practical and easy for you only you know.

Here, we will show you how to move gravel with hand, with machines, with/ without a wheelbarrow. And several tips and suggestions will be included that you may need. So, let’s dive.

How to Move gravel by hand? Using Shovel & Wheelbarrow

When the project for your gravel moving is a small one with little gravel (not more than 7 tons), you can do it without hiring other gravel removal services. So, what you need here are-

  • A shovel &
  • A Wheelbarrow

Yes, when there is a small amount of gravel, and you want to move them on your own, no other than a wheelbarrow is the best equipment to move gravel by hand. However, if you are not good at stabilizing the wheelbarrow, grab this Garden Star Marathon 2 tire wheelbarrow.

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  •  300 lbs of load capacity
  • Perfectly balanced loop handle
  • Air-filled wheels & Weighs 25% less than the traditional wheelbarrow

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Steps to move the gravels using wheelbarrow and shovel-

  • Take a shovel and the wheelbarrow. If you are afraid that moving gravel using the shovel may cause you back pain, then check out this lightweight ErgieShovel

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  • Very lightweight, so easy to lift
  • Large 18” blade can scoop more
  • Alloy steel made durable snow shovel

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  • Scoop up the gravel using the shovel at an angle. Lift the shovel filled with gravel and pour inside the wheelbarrow.
  • Repeat this step and in this way, fill up the wheelbarrow. If you find the wheelbarrow becoming too heavy for you to carry to the destination can full a less.
  • Hold the handle of the wheelbarrow and push a bit downside. Now, push it on frontward. You will see the wheelbarrow is moving and that it is not feeling much weight.
  • Take the wheelbarrow to the destination and tilt the wheelbarrow on the front side. And slowly pour all the gravel on the spot.
  • Repeat the same until you are done with moving all the gravels.

This process is effective if there is not more than 5 tons of gravel. For small pea gravel or river rocks, shoveling and wheelbarrow work fine. However, if you’re looking for how to move a bulk bag of gravel, using the wheelbarrow can also do the job.

How to Move Gravel Uphill? Easy Technique

Suppose you need to move the gravel up the hill. In that case, pulling this full gravel wheelbarrow can seem a bit challenging when there is a ton of gravel, and you need to pull this wheelbarrow several times. So, the best way is to use a tarp.

  • Take a tarp (Size according to your gravel amount).
  • Fill the tarp with the gravel as much as you can pull the load up the hill.
  • Then pull the tarp slowly up the hill.

This method eases the gravel-moving task to some extent. In addition, it does not cause back pain also.

How to Move Gravel without a Wheelbarrow?

If you don’t want to use any wheelbarrow, then move gravel using two bucket-filling way. When you look for easy peasy ways without spending extras on tools and other utilities, this method can be effective enough.

Things You Need Here

  • A shovel
  • 2 buckets

Here are the steps to move the gravel with bucket-filling way.

  • Fill the buckets with gravel as much as you can lift.
  • Now lift 2 bucket handles with 2 hands and take them to the spot where you want to move those gravel.
  • You can also take a long bamboo and tie 2 buckets on the edge of the bamboo. Then, lift that bamboo on your shoulder and move it along with the buckets hanged on both edges.

How to Move Gravel Using Gravel Mover Machine?

When you take a big project on hand, it can be tiring to move gravel with your hands. So, use any good gravel mover machine. And the skid steer loader can be the best one in this case. Well, the Caterpillar Skid Steer Loader can be usable here.

Things We Like

  • Operating detail for easy usage
  • Excellent articulation of the arms & buckets
  • Great built with PVC blister mold

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To move a large amount of gravel for any big project, this type of machine use can be beneficial. Here, no need for extra tools or any back pain by lifting any weight. You just need to know the operating procedure of the machine. And that’s all.

Using this type of machine can make the gravel-moving task much more manageable and quick as well. Although it is expensive to use this machine for small projects, this method is speedy and convenient. So, if you don’t want to spend any time and energy, you can try this method.

How to Move Gravel by Hiring a Landscaping Company

You can hire landscaping companies that will move the gravel for you with no hassle. If you can spend and don’t want to tire yourself, contact any local gravel mover companies to move them for you in exchange for some bucks.

What you have to do is estimate the amount of gravel that you need to move. And based on that, they will cost you the charge along with other service charges. Some companies cost hourly based, some gravel amount based, some have the fixed range of price range.

For example, you may find some cost $46/hour or $10-$25/cubic yard. This costing calculation can vary from region to region as well.

The owner of Davis Outdoor Maintenance of Chattanooga says that moving gravel along with transport can cost $1300 to $1500. And it’s costly, so it may not be a cup of tea for all unless there is a big project.

Then again, in some stores, moving 2-car gravel costs €1500-€2500. Portland Sand and gravel Co. have a fixed cost ranging from $15-$45 depending on the gravel types you want to move. Moving gravel by considering the labor charge costs around $25-$50 or $150-$200 depending on the quantity of rock to move.

You can choose any company that suits your pocket in provided that you don’t have time or desire to move gravel by hand.

Types of Gravel for Driveways & Landscaping

Gravel can be of different types and sizes, based on the different usage purposes. Have a look around different types of gravel used for the landscaping, driveways, and walkways.

  • Pea Gravel- primarily used for the walkways, driveways. These are small round stones that are easy to maintain and stabilize.
  • Quarry Stone Gravel- are perfect to use for driveways. These types of gravels are a mixture of stone dust and crushed stone.
  • Crushed Stone Gravel- are ideal to use on the lands where the traffic is heavy. These types are made up of coarse sand and small stones.
  • Stone Dust- is ideal for making a smooth and even driveway. These types of gravels are best to use a firm surface restricting the weed growth.
  • Jersey Shore Gravel- is very popular in England for its yellowish and whitish sparkling color. These types of gravel are similar to the pea gravel size and durable enough to on the driveways.
  • Decomposed Granite Gravel- these are the sticky and robust gravel made up from the granite decomposition. It’s quite sticky that helps hold the stones in place, but the only drawback is that it can be dusty.
  • River Rock Gravel- these are the finest looking gravel used in the driveways. A finely polished look and variant color give these gravels an aesthetic look. But these are not that stable.
  • Marble Chip Gravel- gives a luxurious and innovative look to the walkway. These types of gravels are sparkling white with smooth shining under the sunlight. But it is expensive enough along with much stability.

Bottom Lines

Moving the gravel from your yard can be a pain in the ass. Here, we’ve discussed all the methods and techniques on how to move gravel from your yard to make your pathway and driveway beautiful and aesthetic.