How to Dispose of Thorn Bushes- 2 Effective Strategies

Some trees and clumps have thorns that people usually use for building fences to protect their gardens from obstacles. These also create shelter for birds. But they cause injuries to your body, family, or pet.

It can easily make lesions on legs, hands, even on any part of a human body. So, thorn removal from shrubs gets included with the lawn maintenance steps. Then, how to get rid of thorns in yard?

Well, for better maintenance of a yard, here we present two easy processes for you on how to dispose of thorn bushes.

It may seem simple to cut or remove thorn bushes, but this process requires special care to avoid skin irritations, scratches, etc. Follow our article to make proper arrangements to ditch these anxieties.

How to Dispose of Thorn Bushes- Discussion about Methods

A yard with thorny plants can disturb the comfort of a beautiful walkway. They easily get stuck to your clothes or pinch skin with their sharp spines. It may lead to a derm disease. So for protection, learn some disposal techniques to get rid of these bushes. Let’s take a look over different processes.

Before restraining thorns, you should have knowledge about the kinds of shrubs that bear them. Some of their names are-

  • Shrub Rose
  • Purple Japanese Barberry
  • Chinese Flowering Quince
  • Common Sea Buckthorn
  • Blackberry
  • Honey Locust
  • Common Hawthorn
  • Agarita
  • Common Holly
  • Prickly Ash

Needful Belongings for Elimination

  • Large knife
  • Lawn grade garbage bags
  • Big cooking pot
  • Water
  • Stove
  • Heavy leather gloves
  • Safety glasses

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Method- 1: Clean with Household Items

Many everyday household accessories work well to control thorns and weeds. It lessens the usage of expensive chemicals. And if you are thinking about how to get rid of pricker bushes, this is the method you need.

Step: 1

At first, put heavy gloves on your hands to hold all stems of a thorny shrub. Make a cut through its trunk with a large knife. Carefully stick it down afoot at a time, and do not leave any greenery behind. Put every piece into a massive trash bag to clean the place. You may use a double trash bag for extra safety.

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Step: 2

Shove a knife blade into the ground to pry out all remaining bush stalks. Now dig them out from soils and discard these in a double trash bag. It applies to every spiny plant that you can find on your lawn.

Step: 3

To chop up residual roots, stab a knife repeatedly into the ground area and keep sticking. Unstuck a field of soil in a 3-foot circumference from whole sites of a bush.

Step: 4

Now fill a large pot with tap water and place it on a stove. Heat this up until the water is boiling vigorously. Carry the container with hot water to your yard and pour it on to loosen soils to kill a shrub’s roots.

Step: 5

In this stage, invigilate the complete area over one month. You have to cut away new growths that appear in places. Keep chopping up roots and pour boiling water on lands as soon as possible to terminate prickly plants.

Method: 2 Clean Using Pruners

You can also use the following steps as an option to eliminate thorns if you’re looking solution for how to remove large thorn bushes. Let’s have a glance over them.

Step: 1

Examine the shrub to identify all branches that protrude over walkways and areas of foot traffic. Take a hand shear sterilized with bleach to prune them back away from a sidewalk or bypass. This little effort will prevent injuries, also disturbance of passersby.

Step: 2

Look over a plant for tangled or touching canes. Identify every weakest, most fragile thorny branch of a group and prune them to the branch collar.

Step: 3

Trim spindly canes to half of their length or keep them between 2-3 feet long. Place the cut at 1/4 inch above a healthy bud.

Step: 4

Detach all oldest, thorny, shrubby, thin branches with a hand shear. If they are more extensive than a couple of inches, use a handsaw for trimming. Cut all of them to the branch collar. While cropping a vertically grown cane, exclude it to 2-3 inches from ground level. Thinning shrubs allow the sunlight to reach all areas where branches put barriers. This action improves aeration and promotes new growths of a garden.

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Step: 5

Visually go over all plants to find affected branches. They usually get attacked by diseases or insects. Break off all invaded departments until you reach healthy tissues. If necessary, remove entirely by trimming to the root collar.

Step: 6

You can keep tree branches on your compost pile. These prove to be environment-friendly, self-sustainable disposal. Or keep them with other yard wastage and transmit these in a green bin for sweeping by municipality workers.

Listen, if you need to know how to trim a thorn bush. This method will work.

Why Remove Thorn Bushes?

Prickly plants can hurt anytime if you touch them casually. These are very hazardous for kids as well as for animals. They get injuries now and then by thorn bushes. It may cause infection, redness, bulging, ulcer, or perforate on open body parts.

The fungus is able to infect your lymphatic system, then transmit to joints and bones. A deeply embedded thorn can invade the brain and lungs of a human body. You have to pay a fine if it attacks other neighborhood pets like dogs, cats, rabbits, etc. So, we can say this brings financial damage to a person. Besides, killing thorns does not spoil your lawn beauty at all.

Few plants have poisonous spines, and they cause injuries that are slow to heal due to toxic pins. Another group of shrubs has vicious thorns, which are stinging nettles.

Precautions to Uproot Thorns

  • Wear protective gear to cover your exposed body parts.
  • Put on a long sleeve coat, pants, and protective gloves before pruning thorny bushes.
  • Don’t cut branches that are close to the central stalk.
  • Use goggles to protect eyes, a dust mask, or respiration to keep lungs safe from airborne particles.
  • Remove thorns of outer canes and work with a manageable length of about 1 foot.

This Video May Help You!

Final Words

Thorny bushes in a yard always make a barrier to freely walking. Not only adults but also babies and pets are not safe from their pinching. They can cause severe damage to your skin.

So gather information about how to dispose of thorn bushes and apply them immediately. But if you need to know the best way to get rid of thorn bushes, try method-2.

The possibility of injury will decrease if your lawn is prickly bush-free. It also assures safety and security for family members. Follow any of our two options to get a better result to dispose of them.