How to Make Grass Look Like Snow- Enjoy the Snowy View

Do you know how to make grass look like snow?

We all love to see blades of green grass coming up as the snow melts. Some of us live in regions where snow is hard to come by. So what do you do if you are hoping for some snow textures in the grass? Let’s make fake snow on the grass. For this first you have to make some fake snow then you will apply it on the grass.

Fake snow is really easy to make. In fact, there is a huge demand for fake snow. If you have already tried many tricks but not seen the effective result.

Don’t lose hope here is a helpful guideline for you on how to make grass look like snow. Snowmachine and related instant snow products will help you to bring white winter fun on the grass in minutes.

Things You Need To Know About How To Make Grass Look Like Snow

Anyone else knows of a good way how to makeartificial snow on grass, then you may want to know what to do when there is hardly found any snow especially if it is in summer. Well don’t panic, we’ve put down some main things you need to know, all in one handy list:

The color of your grass won’t be affected by frost or snow.
It’s fine to play on the grass when there is a covering of snow.

Just like natural grass, artificial grass can be slippery when ice forms so do be careful.

Let snow and ice melt away naturally.

Grass may be slightly flattened down after snow has covered it but should bounce back naturally with time, or you can always use a broom to help lift the pile if necessary.

If you are particularly worried about protecting your lawn from snow and ice, you could always lay tarpaulin down to avoid direct contact.

Basically you mark where all of your props will be located, run all of the wires, lay down the fake snow, you stake it down with cut white coat hangers bent into a “U”, covering all of the wires and then connect all of the props.

That way the props are on top of the snow. When you place props or stake it down the material looks like the snow has melted around them.

Don’t worry about water, in fact, water makes this look even better. The polyester holds some of the water which refracts the light making it look like freshly fallen snow.

How To Make False Snow Textures On Grass At Home

Here methods of how to make grass look like snow at home are given below only for your concern. Read this at a glance and apply it to real or fake grass. I am sure that no one could able to found whether it is real or artificial.

Step 1:Purchase Snow in Seconds

Snow in second is a product as we have seen on the TV that closely resembles real snow. It’s the same product which is used on movie sets when they need to make snow on the grass.

Making process:

if you want to make this then add water to it (snow in seconds) and you have instantly got what feels like real snow. This is really an amazing product for those who want to create a fluffy texture of snow on grass easily. You can put it on your tree or wreaths outside and you can even make a snowman with it.

Step 2: Use Insta -Snow

Insta-snow powder is another fake snow product that looks supper just add water to it for creating mounds of fluffy white snow. If you want to decorate indoors you can even use insta-snow.

Step 3: Rent Or Buy a Snow Machine

This one expensive but snow from a snow machine actually looks like the real snow. Snow machines are so popular. Normally fans or compressed air are used to keep the snow from being too wet. Make snow with things you have at your home.

To Make False Shade Of Snow On The Grass You Can Use Things For Example

  • Paper piece to make fake snow
  • Soap flakes for fake snow recipe
  • Baking soda snow recipe
  • Powder and sugar fake snow recipe
  • Liquid soap recipe for fake snow
  • Potato flakes recipe for fake snow
  • Body disperse fake snow
  • Plastic bag recipe for fake snow

Some Demerits

  • If you use mashed potato flakes keep in your mind clear that they can drow bugs. So be careful to use them.
  • If you use white paper, you will want to make sure that it has no print on it.
  • If you use soap flakes be careful about where you put them.
  • If you have little kids or pets, don’t forget that the soap flakes and plastic pieces can be a choking hazard.


In short, I mainly like the idea of using white plastic bags the reason behind my liking is the re-use way of plastic bags. Just a few fun ways that you can apply whenever you want a real snow look on the grass by using false snow in your house or other places based on your choice.

So now you can know how to make the grass look likesnow with the help of fake snow or fake grass in an easy way without that much effort. By using low-cost materials even you can create this grass snow look somewhere you live there it is 80 degrees in December.