How to Clean Weed Killer Out of Sprayer- Easy Cleaning Guide

Are you having problems with the herbicides sticking in your garden sprayer? Worry not! Here in this article, you will learn how to clean weed killer out of sprayer.

Every gardener or a lawn owner owns a garden sprayer and uses it regularly. But the continuous use of the weed killer makes the sprayer lose durability. To prevent the sprayer from corrosion, you need to clean the herbicide out of the sprayer.

But it is very irritating if you don’t know how to clean the sprayer. Here, we will show you the best method with three steps to clean out the weed killer from the sprayer. So you must read this article thoroughly.

Method Of How To Clean Weed Killer Out Of Sprayer

Proper cleaning of the herbicides sprayer is very important. If you clean your sprayer correctly and regularly, it will last longer. And you will have no difficulties while using it in your garden.

Also, if there is a change in plants or change in herbicide products, then the sprayer’s complete cleaning is mandatory. It is because the mixture of different herbicides can cause damage to plants and crops.

Now we will show you the procedure of cleaning a garden sprayer in three steps:

  1. Make the sprayer clear
  2. Use a cleaning solution
  3. Clean the sprayer

Now let’s go and check out these stages of the cleaning procedures.

Step 1: Make The Sprayer Clear

To clean up the garden sprayer, at first, you have to make the sprayer totally empty. Here are the steps to follow:

  • You should always put a specific amount of weed-killer in the sprayer so that the sprayer becomes empty after using it.
  • You can spray at crops two times to clear out the full weed killer if you need it.
  • After using, get rid of the extra weed-killer by disposing of them. You can put the extra liquid in a container that is safe to use. For this, you can use a glass bottle or a plastic bottle.
  • You can also spray the remaining weed killer onto an abandoning plot or fence area of the garden. Select a place to spray the extra herbicide that is not in public use.
  • Talk to the nearest environmental health service providers and take the safest way to get rid of the weed-killer residue.
  • To clear out the weed killer properly, avoid keeping it in the sprayer for more than a day. Clean the herbicide with water instantly after spraying.
  • Add water with the remaining weed-killer in the sprayer. Now rinse the inner surface of the sprayer container.
  • Then spray out the rinsate. Spray the liquid for 5 minutes. This will prevent the herbicide from building up.

Step 2: Use A Cleaning Solution

Now it is time to use a cleaning solution for the cleaning. There are specific cleaning products for each herbicide. Look for them and use it to clean the herbicide out.

  • Fill the sprayer tank with hot water. Fill it more than halfway.
  • Then rinse the inside of the tank thoroughly with the water.
  • Now spray the hot liquid out. Spray the full liquid out from the tank.
  • Next, fill the tank with freshwater. Fill it more than halfway.
  • Add the particular cleaning solution with the water by a specific ratio. You can use a cleaning solution with the base ammonia.
  • Fill up the nozzles, hoses, and boom with the solution. Fill up the whole sprayer properly.
  • Now, you need to stir the liquid. Stir it with the agitator for at least 15 minutes.
  • Let the sprayer rest for more than 8 hours or overnight. Then the cleaning solution will make the herbicide lose from the inside walls of the sprayer.

Step 3: Clean The Sprayer

Now it is time to clean the sprayer.

  • First, spray the solution through the boom of the sprayer. Spray at least three times to clear the nozzles and the wand. Spray the solution until the tank becomes empty.
  • Get the smaller parts like nozzles, hose, screens, filter, and wand out of the sprayer to clean them properly.
  • Use soap and warm water to clean out the dirt from the parts.
  • You can use any unusable toothbrush for cleaning the details of the smaller parts.
  • Again, use hot water to rinse the inside of the sprayer. Rinse the inside thoroughly to remove the cleaning solution. Rinse the whole system with fresh and clean water.
  • Spray the whole water from the boom until the sprayer tank becomes empty.

Things To Consider

Cleaning out the weed killer from a garden sprayer is very risky. So you have to be very cautious. There are many things you must consider for cleaning out the herbicide from the sprayer.

1. Contact Locals Agents

Cleaning out weed killer is risky. So it is better to do the whole work with the help of experts rather than doing it by yourself. Get in touch with the nearest environmental health service provider to know the proper way of cleaning the sprayer.

2. Clean With A Specific Solution

You should not use any kind of cleaning solution to clean the sprayer because it may react with the herbicide and create a harmful chemical.

Usually, the labels on the herbicide products recommend a specific cleaning solution. So you can check the label on the container of the herbicide you have used and learn about which cleaning solution to use.

Most people use ammonia to clean herbicide. But you must not use chlorine bleach with ammonia. It is because the ammonia and the chlorine bleach solution will react and create poisonous chlorine gas.

You can also use detergent, soap, kerosene solution, chlorine bleach, or commercial tank-cleaners to clean out the weed-killer.

3. Wear Safety Equipment

As you are working with reactive chemicals, you should wear rubber gloves and goggles throughout the whole time. You can also wear a face shield if you can manage.

4. Work At A Safe Place

You should choose a safe place to perform the whole task. Avoid the general lawn area to prevent any damage to the plants. Choose a place that is inaccessible to kids or domestic animals.

You can spray the solution of herbicide near where you used it before because the solution residue is the same.

5. Clean Regularly

You must clean out the sprayer after using it each time. This will make the garden sprayer hold its durability and last for a long time.

Try to clean out the sprayer on the spray day. This will stop the weed killer dry up or harden in the sprayer. This will also prevent the sprayer from early damage.

6. Caution For Equipment

Usually, poly tanks need more attention than stainless steel tanks in cleaning. Check for the sprayer pumps, screens, hoses, and strainers. If they have any cracks, then they might hide in some herbicide remains.

Make sure to clean the inner top of the sprayer tank, baffles, plumbing fixtures, tank cover, and stirring section properly.

Final Thoughts

Garden sprayer is an essential lawn care equipment for all the gardeners and lawn owners. Gardeners really need it to spread weed-killers onto their garden or lawn. So keeping the sprayer clean and long-lasting is very important.

Since many people don’t have the proper idea of the cleaning procedure, they find it difficult to clean the herbicides from the sprayer completely. And this may cause damage to the sprayer and the plants you will spray herbicide on the next time.

Here, we have shown you the best and easy way to clean up a garden sprayer. So by reading this post, you will easily learn how to clean weed killer out of sprayer.