How To Make a Zero Turn Mower Ride Smoother With These 5 Tips!

How do I make my zero turn mower ride smoother? –this question seems to be burning around wherever I am going for my lawn care services.

I can still remember how my zero turn mower used to vex me with rough and tough steering. Then, finally, I could figure out some steering techniques that prove to be effective no matter if you are a newbie with your mower use or professional.

If you are also searching for some tips to make a zero turn mower ride smoother,then congratulations, you have caught the right catch. Here, you will get 7 effective secrets to make the mower ride smoother and flexible.

How to Make a Zero Turn Mower Ride Smoother

How To Make a Zero Turn Mower Ride Smoother

When you are riding your lawnmower, either zero turn or walk-around type, you can’t mow your lawn and rut a smooth rut without operating it with the right skill.And some need years to learn the tips and tricks to riding smooth.

No worries. We have gathered 5 tactics in this write-up that any novice to professional might need. Let’s know about those tips from basic to advanced mowing that can help you get a smoother ride with smooth rutting.

1. Full Gas Tank Can Cause the Turns Harder

The common reason for having a rough and jerk ride can be a heavily loaded gas tank. When the gas tank is heavier filled right now,your mower can be shaking you with the jerky rides and making your ride rough and tough, especially when you turn. This is quite irritating when you such jerks put our attention at a loss and put us in discomfort all the way.But after some stripes, you can get it under smooth control.

Now, you must be thinking this is the basic everyone knows and does. But some newbies might not figure out so quickly if the rough ride is due to the heavy-sized gas tank. Many experts find it a good tactic to keep the fuel level low for a smoother ride. So, this basic point is for our newbie mower users.

2. Lower Tire Pressure Can Help

Another basic reason here, if you didn’t know, is the tire pressure. Yes, lower tire pressure can help sometimesmake the mower ride smooth rutting stripe to stripe. Another reason here can be due to the overinflation of the tire that some folks seem to do.

When you find the tires way too big, deflatingthem results in smooth rutting and avoiding back pains. For estimated tire pressure, up to 9 or 10 psi can rightly do the job.

3. Install a Suspension Spring Underneath the Seat

Now, this needs some tools with toiling a bit to soften the seats consequently smoothen the ride. Cutting out the spring or installing a spring beneath the mower seat can cushion the seats eliminating too shaky jerks. What you have to do is cut out the long suspension spring and put it behind the mower seat. Or you can get a Husqvarna suspension spring that exactly replaces the OE.

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  • Deck drive spring with versatile use
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You see, some zero turn mower already comes with the spring attached underneath the seat that fits in the frame to soften the rides. But it still can be a little bouncy. So, to remove that bounce or to make it a smooth ride, let’s shorten the spring.

Things You Need?

  • Grinding wheel to cut the spring into the right size
  • Washer
  • Wrench to tighten or loosen

Check out the steps for installing the spring or shortening the previous spring.

  • Pull the seat up from the back.
  • On the back, you can see a rubber grommet spring that is riding right on the frame.
  • Take out both springs from two sides and cut them out with the same size, using a grinding wheel.
  • Install the springs with bolt and washer.
  • And tighten the bolts properly.

Now, you can see the difference when you ride.

4. Installing the Best Suspension Seat for Zero Turn Mower

Yes, this tip is effective enough when your zero turn mower gets too rusty and getting difficult to deliver that smooth ride, like the brand new mower. In case you didn’t have the longest lasting zero turn mower, you might face a lack of smoothness in the ride. It is better to get the best mower for a long-lasting striping out to avoid frequent bumps or jerks.

If you need can install the quality Rotary Seat Suspension that has been made with the thought of riding comfort only.

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  • Built for rider comfort
  • Limited vertical space
  • Versatilefitting most of the mowers & tractors

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5. Riding with the Most Comfortable Lawn Mower Seat

If you have a larger acre lawn that needs enough time to strip out the grasses, there is a possibility of severe backpain. I have seen many people falling into bed right after finished riding the mower for a long time, causing backpain. It might happen if the seat on your zero-turn mower or tractor is not comfortable or can’t make you sit with flexibility.

In that case, you can make your own DIY suspension seat by putting some backrest behind or get the best aftermarket seat for your mower. There are several aftermarket seats for zero turn mowers are available in stores. Rotary Comfort Seat with Armrest is quite popular and demanding for the comfortable padding and arm flexibility.

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  • Fits most zero turn mower like Exmark, Toro, Bobcat, Ariens, Gravely
  • Usable with low profile seat suspension
  • Adjustable bolts for mounting

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Besides, our research reached another budget-worthy zero turn mower seat from Bestauto with retractable safety belts is also recommendable.

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  • Retractable safety belt ideal for the novices
  • Adjustable backrest up to 180° angle
  • Polyurethane spongy foam inside offers the best cushioning

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How to Install Suspension Seat for Zero Turn Mower?

How to Install Suspension Seat for Zero Turn Mower

Why don’t you check out the installation guide for the zero turn mower suspension seat? It might help to install in the right way.

Things You Need

  • The suspension seat
  • Regular wrench/ratchet wrench
  • Washers
  • Locking bolts and nuts
  • Driller machine

Now, let’s proceed with the steps.

Step-1: At first, pull the seat up from the back.

Step-2: On the back of the seat, a plate is attached and holds the seat with 4 locking bolt nuts. The suspension seat will go in between the seat back and this plate. So, you have to take out the bolts holding the seat.

Step-3: Take a lug wrench or ratchet wrench and loosen the 4 bolts attaching the seat with the plate. And remove them carefully.

Step-4: Flip the seat over slowly and keep it away from the plate.

Pro Tip: While removing the seat from the plate, make sure to unplug the bottom seat lock that many mowers come with.

Step-5: It would be best to attach the seat suspension o the back of the seat, then flip back and attach it with the plate. Check the seat suspension mounting upside down on the seatback whether it fits correctly with bolts to bolts or not.

However, if necessary, make holes using any drilleron the seat suspension to make holes so that all the bolts correctly go inside.

Step-6: mark the points where you need to drill, then make holes. After that, mount the seat suspension upside down on the back of the seat.

Pro Tip: During mounting, make sure to keep the extended handle on the front bottom of the seat.

Step-7: Lock the suspension on the seatback with bolt and nuts. Tighten the nuts properly.

Step-8: Now, it’s time to attach the whole set to the plate. Here, it can be a bit challenging task if you’re installing all alone. So, for fast and comfortable mounting, get someone to give a hand here.

Step-9: Insert 4 bolts from behind the suspension seat to the plate and lock the nuts using locking nuts from the plate’s opposite side. Tighten the nuts with a wrench.

Step-10: Flip the seat with suspension installed, all the way down on the backward. And enjoy your rides with a smooth rut and comfort zone.

Pro Tip: Before flipping down the seat, make sure to plug in all the cords and kill switch if you had taken out at the beginning.

How to Adjust Steering on Zero Turn Mower?

How to Adjust Steering on Zero Turn Mower

Enough tips for riding the zero turn mower smoothly. What if, after installing the seat suspension, the steering level and the seat height got some issue with leveling? Let’s show you how you can adjust the steering lever to make your ride comfortable.

Besides, in some zero turn mowers, such as the Ariens, you can adjust the seat by moving back and forth. To adjust the seat-

  • Move the steering outward and pull the seat up in the forward direction.
  • On the back of the seat, you will find 2 seat adjusting knobs. Loosen them by rotating.
  • Adjust seat height by moving up and down. Once you find the position you need, tighten the knobs back and secure the adjustment.

And your seat adjustment is made within a minute.

To adjust the steering lever-

Now, let’s see how to adjust the zero turn mower steering. Most of the steering levers come with two or more height positions fixing holes. Loosen the bolts using a lug wrench/ ratchet wrench and remove them.

Pro Tip: While removing the nuts, make sure you hold the steering. Or it might fall on a sudden, and that might damage it.

  • Place the steering lever in the right position according to your desire, then tighten the nuts again.
  • Repeat the same for the other side steering lever as well.
  • Keep two steering inward on the locking position and check the height. If any mismatch you find, fix that.

Pro Tip: Tighten all the bolts and re-secure them properly after finishing adjustment. Remember, loose nuts can end up not onlyruining your ride but ruining the steering levers.

How to Adjust Speed on Zero Turn Mower?

How to Adjust Speed on Zero Turn Mower

Learn these easy techniques to increase or adjust the speed on a Zero turn mower. Have you ever tried to mowin a straight line cutting stripe to stripe,but it does not go straight? Then, nothing can be as terrifying as this. So, check out these steps below to adjust the mower speed and balance it while riding.

Things You Need

  • 9/16 extension socket
  • ¾ inch wrench
  • Lift jack to lift the mower

Now, steps to track the mower ride straight-

Step-1: Lift the mower using any lift spacers or lift jack.

Step-2: Go underneath the mower on the back.

Step-3: Locate the 4 bolts with the wheel drive terrain. What you need to do is loosen up these 4 bolts with a 9/16 wrench.

Step-4: Then, loosen the bolt on the threaded rod beside the wheel terrain using a ¾ wrench.

Step-5: Finally, twist the other bolt of the threaded rod locatedother side. Twist it to the right.It will help to pull the engine back and let you put more tension on the drop belt.

Pro Tips: It’s better not to overdo the tension on drive belts.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

How do you cut straight lines with a zero turn?

The most secret tip to cut straight lines is to ride and turn the mower following the 3-point turn making a ‘Y’or ‘T’shape. Go straight, and role on one side, then go back exactly on that opposite side of the role. Finally,turn around and go towards the line you came through.This is how you can rut ti to tip straight.

Can I put bigger tires on my zero turn mower?

Yes, you can put bigger tires. In fact, it helps much when you mow a wider area. But make sure not to put tires bigger than the mower deck.

Why do my zero turn mowers tear up grass?

This can happen when the mower tire is stuck in one place. Slowing down the turn and making the speed slow can sort this out without tearing the grasses.

Wrapping Up

It is your lawnmower, not any racing bike or turbo engine car. All you have to go is on a slower process, especially when you are turning the mower. And in this entire context, we have cleared out all the tips and techniques you might need while mowing for smooth and jerk-free rides.

Now, if you need to know how to make a zero turn mower ride smoother or adjust the zero turn mower steering lever, you can find it here,backed by detailed guides.

Ride your zero turn mower smoothly following this guideline and keep your lawn finely tuned and level up.