How to Kill a Mulberry Tree- 3 Effective Methods

Are you too upset with your old mulberry tree?  Which you can not kill again and again?  But you probably don’t know how to kill a mulberry tree. Then your worries are about to end.  Feel free to worry and read our article.

This mulberry tree has been tormenting you for a long time. Which why your neighbor is often in trouble with you.  But despite repeated attempts, you are failing to kill it.  The reason for this is that not every tree is the same species.

So the rules of cutting all the trees are not the same. So how to kill a mulberry tree successfully, I will tell you to step by step through this article. So stay with the item to know how to kill a mulberry tree.

How To Kill A Mulberry Tree- 3 Easy Ways

The mulberry tree is a troublesome tree for many because many people cut it repeatedly to avoid it. But it continues to spread its branches again and again. For example One of my neighbors told me I had been trying to get rid of a weed mulberry tree for a long time. I’ve cut it before, but it’s back again.

How can I get rid of it? In response, I told him that there must be a way out. It needs to dig up well to be released. This tree has multiple root points. The best time to cut the mulberry tree should choose. The end of summer is the best time for this.

If you cut this time, you will easily succeed in killing this tree. When you cut a tree, you have to cut the whole limb without cutting it in half.  If a person cuts a leg in half, the tree will grow again. Now below, we will see some simple ways to get rid of the mulberry tree.

First Method

We will now turn to the first of several popular methods of killing the mulberry tree.  Several tools are required to complete this process.  We will make a shortlist of necessary tools.

Tools Or Things Will Require For This Step

  1. Shovel
  2. Glyphosate herbicide
  3. Irrigation
  4. Gloves
  5. Foam brush

Steps to follow-

  • A shovel must first be used to cut the mulberry tree. Shovels help to cut the tree in various ways. If necessary, you can use chainsaws instead of shovels.
  • A herbicide will be needed to kill the plant permanently. By applying it, the tree can die successfully.  So glyphosate herbicide must be used when killing a mulberry tree.
  • I will mix this herbicide with water—glyphosate herbicide mixe with the recommended amount of herbicide. Hand gloves must accept after the procedure.
  • Now, this mixed herb needs to keep the brush wet. Tree thorns should apply to the roots.  As a result, they stop supplying oxygen within a few days and begin to die.

Second Method

Each person uses a different method to kill the mulberry tree. Although most of the methods are the same still, some differences observe.  Below we will learn about the second method of cutting a mulberry tree.

Tools Or Things Will Require For This Step

  1. Gloves
  2. Chainsaw (optional)
  3. Saw
  4. Drill (optional)
  5. Plant killer
  6. Safety glass

Steps to follow-

  • The mulberry tree is in late spring or summer. It is best to cut the tree in winter. These because the herbicide does not do much at this time, and it has to apply in excessive amounts.
  • At this stage first, we will cut from the trunk of the tree. We can use a saw if needed for that. Many times it takes years to kill the tree.
  • We have to try to kill the roots of the tree. Because later on the tree grows from these roots again. If necessary, make a hole in the ground with a grill.
  • If the roots cut well, the mixed herbicide should brush thoroughly. The plant may not wholly kill if the herbicide is not well cleaned. Therefore, it should apply following the instructions for the application of herbicides.
  • You need to take care of yourself during this whole process. For example, I must use hand gloves while doing the work. In this way, we will protect from the harmful reaction of plant killers. Safety glasses can use for eye protection.

Third Method

Of the above methods, it is a much simpler process. Each technique takes almost the same approach. Some differences observe.  In this method, we will try to kill the mulberry tree with very simple and few materials. These will require some materials. We will look at them below. Following these rules, you can do the job in a short time.

Tools Or Things Will Require For This Step

  1. Axe
  2. Spade
  3. Clothes
  4. Polythene
  5. Spray

Steps to follow-

  • No problem if you don’t have chainsaws or saws. You can also do this with the help of an axe. First, you take an axe.  Observe whether the shaft has a sharp edge or whether the axe is suitable for cutting trees.  At this stage, the tree should be cut down from the root well with the help of an axe.
  • After cutting the trunk of the tree with an axe, the rest cannot be left. Because from this root the tree grows again. So the sources must be removed well.  You can take the help of a spade.  Dig the soil with a shovel and remove the roots in the right way.
  • When the roots are well picked, the work is much less. Then you will do a spray on the sources according to your convenience so that the trees do not grow later.  Then your job is over.  Now you must be a little careful.  For example: if you do not have hand gloves, you can wrap polythene in your hand. When spraying, you can stick the nose and mouth well with the help of a cloth.


  • To kill the mulberry tree completely, its roots must kill.
  • If the tree grows on excess soil, it can be a danger to humans.
  • Caution should exercise when using chainsaws and herbicides.
  • Use caution when applying for non-selective herbal medicines, as these chemicals can kill selective plants as well as other plants.


Through the above discussion, we learned how to kill mulberry tree very quickly. Just as the mulberry tree benefits us, sometimes it causes people annoyance.  So many people want to kill a tree. But they do not know how to get rid of the mulberry tree.  Because if you don’t cut the right way, this tree always comes back.

Even the tree not cut in the right season, the task of killing the tree is likely to fail.  But in this case, if you do not dare to kill the mulberry tree yourself, then you can take refuge in a good quality company.  They will do the job very efficiently.  But if you want, you can do it yourself by following the above rules.

Finally, we can say that if you want to get rid of mulberry tree pain, then this article can be helpful for you.  So through this article, we will know how to kill a mulberry tree.