How to Hook Up Hour Meter on Lawnmower with 8 Easy Steps

We know your passion and concern for every inch of your garden, so you will get this article on how to hook up hour meter on lawnmower valuable for you. As taking care of the lawn has become the central attention for us, you must want to know how you will hook up the hour meter.

This device is used to track the using hours and looking after of recesses. And it offers the service on maintenance on balance between work and hour. Our post exhibits step-by-step directives in simple ways.

Even though first-hand engines frequently arise with the visible monitor, while the previous does not have that feature.

How To Hook Up Hour Meter On Lawnmower

An hour meter accounts for the total use of time in an engine. It works similarly like the odometer does while running the car. It does not record the distance. It is the recording meter of time. It not only tracks the time intervals but also does the role of service reminders.

So you will understand better the appropriate stretching time for your lawnmower.

Let’s have a look at how to hook up hour meter on lawnmower in a simple step by step directives.

Step 1: Choice of the hour meter

The First and initial task is we must choose an hour-meter model for our lawn. In that case, one must remember one thing the selection of the model should be based on the sharpness and the outward easiness of fixing. If we choose a waterproof hour meter, it would be an advantage.

If you want to hook up the small-sized meter, then take 12-volt ground-engine hour meter, which will work on structures of 4-40 volts DC.

Step 2: The selection of place

The next step is to select the right area of hooking up your hour meter. Select a place that you can see the timing easily while mowing the lawn. Typically, the hour meter is fixed in an area that doesn’t take too much space.

Step 3: Making a hole with the proper estimated size

Our next role is making drills. The drill is vital for making a hole. Create a hole on the top of the hour meter. Generally, a 2-inch hole is needed for the installation. So do it with the exact size, not bigger or smaller. Make it with a saw with a proper estimated size. Then, stand the hour meter in that hole.

Step 4: Fixation of three stainless steel bolts

When the hour meter is fixed at the right point of the hole, we must ensure that the meter sits accurately and firmly attached. Usually, an hour meter has three stainless steel bolts. These bolts locked the hour meter in the correct place. So, we must make it tighter and stiffen when the hour meter moves toward these.

Step 5: The joining of two electrical primes

It is an essential part of the whole task. In most of the hour meters, we need to join two electrical primes which arise from the device.

Join two leads to the part of the electric wiring system, which is animated whenever the start key is turned “on” in the lawnmower. Most frequently, we link the leads exit from the hour meter to the electric energy propel.

It is planned to serve enough energy to the injector propel. After that, fasten the other prime of the meter to the negative lethal, which is generally placed nearby.

Step 6: The joining of the cords with the hour meter

Following the previous work, we need to join a few of the cables or wires to the hour meter. And it will depend on the model. In this part, we must follow the hour meter’s manuals for particular directions. Make the joints with the aid of a set of breakable terminals. Then, build a linking employing the connected joint.

Step 7: Fixing of the hour meter with the yokes

After joining the cords with the hour meter, 90% of the task has been finished. Then fix the hour meter to the yoke. Attach the two vertical spikes of the hour meter into the two holes of the meter connector.

Step 8: Pushing of the cut-out portion

Install the hour meter with the cut-out portion. Press mildly till the joined pin come apart into place. Finally, you have finished hooking up the hour meter in the lawnmower. Then, turn on the hour meter for running the meter while you start the machine.

Why Hour Meter Is Necessary

  • It helps to maintain the regular performance of the lawnmower.
  • The hour meter indicates when we will polish the blade or use lubricating and time to grease the mower.
  • An hour meter supports you to know how long your engine has been in the run.
  • It is the best aid that will help you identify when your apparatus needs overall service.
  • An hour meter co-operates you by giving you the perfect timing for oiling your machine. It is a great help indeed!


Mowing the lawn is much more fun and enjoying matter. And when you need the latest service for the best finishing of your yard, it is inevitable to gain the entire idea of how to hook up hour meter on lawnmower.

In our article, we supported you by informing the details step of hooking up the hour meter. All the fixing steps and instructions are straightforward and easy to apply. After dealing with your won mower when someone will ask you for help, you can smoothly go for it.

We do not recommend you for asking for help from the service provider unless you face any significant issue. You can quickly fix up in the regular time of mowing; because for completion of the complete task, you do not need so much time.