How to Fix Lawn with Tire Tracks- Effective Ways for Any Track

Tire marks on your lawn and wondering How to Fix Lawn with Tire Tracks? Keep on reading to know the solution.

Generally, tire tracks arise on your lawn through a lawnmower or a larger vehicle. Apart from these, there are millions of reasons for appearing tire tracks. Because of this, your lawn looking very repellant, as well as the soil, crushed.

In this situation, you may be thinking about fixing this problem. Don’t worry. We are here to solve your problem. You can rug some soil in that tracks; it helps to plant more grass.

But keeping the crushed soil behind the grass will hinder to growth of the grass. Properly fix tire tracks so that soil formation can improve as well as the health of the grass also improved.

Here we provide you with the tips that answer the question How to Fix Lawn with Tire Tracks? Read the article thoroughly and follow the guide.

How to Fix Lawn with Tire Tracks?

If your lawn is wet, mowing it at that time creates tire tracks on your lawn. One more way tire tracks can arise that is mowing in a similar outline over and over. Don’t worry. We will tell you How to Fix Lawn with Tire Tracks? And what you should do to get back your previous lawn condition.


Before knowing the process, know the materials that are needed to fix your lawn. Arrange the following things:

  • Spade fork
  • Topsoil
  • Garden spade
  • Garden hose or watering pot
  • Edger or a landscaping Knife
  • Grass Seed
  • Topsoil + Sand or Compost
  • A rake

If you arrange this equipment, it’s time to know about the solution.

How You Repair Your Lawn

Here, we categorize the tire tracks into two parts. Depending on the type of tire tracks arise in your lawn, follow anyone between them.

  1. Shallow tracks (if the track is less than 4 inches)
  2. Deep tracks (if the track is more than 4 inches)

For Shallow Tracks

If it is a Shallow track then follow the steps that are given below:

Step 1: Take a Spade fork. Use the fork carefully to loosen the inserted layer of soil in and around the tracks. Keep in mind, don’t go too deep with the spade fork.

Step 2: Find the side of the track with the help of the spade fork.

Step 3: Now insert the spade fork at a 45-degree angle below the tire track’s margin.

Step 4: Press gradually on the fork’s handle so that you can lift the Sward. Continue the process until it is 1 to 2 inches above the nearby Sward.

Follow the same process throughout the whole tire mark. After days, the Sward will be blend in with the rest of the lawn.

For Profound Tracks

When your lawn is wet and if that time a heavy vehicle went over on it, definitely you’re faced with profound tire tracks. To get your glorious lawn back follow the process:

Step 1: By using the Garden spade, cut the grass below the tire tracks. Then loosen the compacted soil.

Step 2: Now, you have to arrange grass to fill the tracks without difficulty. Insert a Spade fork at a 45-degree angle below the sward on every side of the cut. Gradually press the handle so that the Sward can lift. As you lifted the Sward, you’re ready to fill the tracks.

Step 3: Roll up the Sward back on every side of the cut. Loosen up the soil a little bit more through a spade. If you want here, you also can use an edger or a landscaping Knife. It will help the new grass to hold root and thriving.

Step 4: At this point, create a 50/50 mixture by using topsoil and some sand or compost. So. You may be thinking, why are you making this mixture?

The answer is, if you use the mixture into the area, the place will disperse. One more reason is, in the future, it will be more resilient for compacting.

Step 5: Fill the tracks with the mixture. Make sure that there shouldn’t remain any gaps.

Step 6: Add soil to the tracks so that the marked area is 1 to 2 inches upper than the nearby area.

Step 7: Again, fold the Sward back in a recently positioned bed of soil. Do one important thing that is press steadfastly the grass root so that it can connect with the beneath soil.

If you’re done, then notice the grass maybe a little bit upper than the rest of the lawn. Don’t worry. Once the soil resolves, it’ll be flat.

Step 8: Seed the area with the same variety of grass seeds very carefully. Use a rake so that the seed is spread uniformly.

Step 9: Finally, give water the area until the soil resolves into place properly. If you do this regularly, it will give scope to the grass for retention root and blossoming.

That’s all steps you should follow to fix your lawn. Have attention on the space for a time to make sure it doesn’t go under the residual of the lawn. If it does, then don’t get upset. In that case, follow the process that we provide for shallow tracks to bring it back flat.

If, by any chance, in the worst condition, cut the Sward again and add some extra mixture. In this way, you get back your lawn level.

Tips on How to Fix Lawn with Tire Tracks

Follow some tips so that you can avoid tire tracks that are occurred by your fault:

  1. Don’t mow, and don’t pull other equipment over your lawn when it is wet.
  2. Follow different patterns when you mow your lawn.


In this article, we guide you about How to Fix Lawn with Tire Tracks. According to your track type, follow the steps. Tire tracks can arise by your fault and also can arise by someone else.

We provide you tips so that at least you prevent occurring it by yourselves. But when this damage happens by others, you can follow the process.

So, to get rid of tire tracks, follow our guide properly. We hope that if you follow the steps accurately, then you get back your lawn as before. So, why are you waiting? Jump on your work and fix your lawn in a way so that you get serenity by looking at it.