How to Cut Railroad Ties- 3 Safe Steps & Go

To have the satisfying result of cutting railroads our today’s post how to cut railroad ties because Railroad ties are one of the toughest, well-made, and elongated structure resources that we can employ our effort.

Nevertheless, cost always comes along with the issues of durability and strength. If you’ve ever worked with them in the past, you already know how difficult they can be to work.

At first glance, it may seem difficult in completion, but when you start and continue with patience, it will not be that tough. It is normal to become frightened to work with all kinds of large parts of the wood. It seems to you most robust work as a beginner, but when you go through with proper patience gradually, you will get the courage.

How to Cut Railroad Ties with Three Easy Steps

We believe in every step you would be adjusted in this work if you follow our tips given in this guideline on how to cut railroad ties. A kind of self-assurance will come to boost your motivation.

Things We Need

Cutting railroad ties is painstaking. But we need only a few tools, though it must be with good quality, for how to cut railroad ties.

  • At first, you need a chainsaw fixed with carbide slanted. It can be electric or gas-powered.
  • A sharpener for a chainsaw,
  • Two pieces of raw wood.
  • Sketches
  • Protection for hearing
  • work gloves and closed boots
  • a measurement tap
  • Chainsaw blokes,
  • safety glasses,
  • long stretchy trousers

Warning Needs to Maintain for this Venture

Before starting the task, we have to know and take caution on some vital issues and considerations.

  • At first, prepare your mind that it has lots of works of hand.
  • There will be lots dealings with the massive rocks and woods, so we must be careful while lifting those.
  • As railroad tiles are covered with materials like creosote, usually, it makes the surface slippery. So, there lies a little bit of danger while doing work with this.
  • Even these constituents are not safe for your skin, eyes, or lungs when you contact before going to those pieces of stuff, you must put gloves and safety glass.
  • Railroad ties are contained with grit, concrete, and rocks like things. Working with these materials needs a little bit of patience. Hurriedness can spoil your effort.
  • We need to remember for the pebbles inside the railroad tie, it may create a wreck in the chain.
  • If you need multiple cuts, sharpen the chain intermittently for sparkling finishing.

Three Easy Steps for the Success of Cutting Railroad Ties

Step 1: planning of the place

At first, we need to take the preparation for the area where we are aimed at having the procedure complete. For more suitability, we should pick a place which is as adjacent as possible. Because here we are to going to provide our tips to get the work carried out. Be sure that the ground is even.

We will put the distance around three feet between them. And lay the two large pieces of raw wood first. After that, place the railroad tie what we want to cut between two parts. These will work as an advancement to the tie. It will make the cutting stress-free for you. And make it turn them off from being jammed when you cut them.

Step 2: Measuring for Your New Edifice

When you are thinking to accomplish this scheme, it would be wise to stick with your firm thought. So, we must not think to avoid this part. For any perfect work, measuring of the area is the vital point for completion of the task.

When we cut the railroads, we require the measurement tape and chalk to precisely measure the wood. After that, we also need to mark the cut parts which are necessary for the railroad ties. This portion of work is needed while you are thinking of having the new edifice.

Step 3: The Final Job of Cutting the Railroad Ties

Before we start to cut the ties, think again, scrutinize again that you are doing the right way, and take enough safety properties. Be sure that you have taken the full coverage suits, proper shoes, safety glasses, protection for the hearing side, and gloves. As it is mentioned before, creosote is dangerous things. So we must not take any risk.

When we are fully set, we will fire up our chainsaw for the first cut. Here we maintain the carefulness. Now go straight and cut the tie around ¾ of the total gravity.

Now take the chainsaw out and finish the cutting by from the above to the under the tie. After doing it would help evade the chain from fastening. While you are cutting the ties, keep the utmost carefulness!

Railroad ties often have pebbles, tiny stones, and granule sands, and so many different hard objects stuck around. And these are the obstacles of the task that can disturb the cutting path of the chainsaw. So here, we must work bit by bit and gently. Be watchful in every stroke that any problem may not hinder.

Final Thoughts

Railroad ties display more or less few exclusive experiments that appear challenging to accomplish by general people. To make it easier and possible, we give flexible guidance in this post on how to cut railroad ties.

So the task is not impossible that you assumed. Through patience, all safety apparatus, a reliable chainsaw, and the exact belief in yourself, you can make it possible. Even you will be able to know all the issues related to railroad ties.

You need to maintain the guidance we offered here. For a satisfying result, you can practice more than one time. It will enhance your courage and confidence.