How to Build a Skid Sprayer? DIY Guide for the Novices

Do you want to know how to build a skid sprayer? Are you going to make it by yourself?  We are going to tell you about it and what you need to do this.

Skid sprayers typically used for pesticide, weed control, fertilizing, fungicide, herbicide, etc. It mostly applies to the tree and the fields. A skid sprayer mounts in a truck bed, boats, or steers for smooth movement to the purpose area coverage.

The size of the skid sprayer depends on the needed liquid for spray. The measurement is two gallons of liquid cover over 1000 sq. Ft area. Five hundred gallons of liquid cover more than 6 acres area. So, the tank size and the pump machine depend on the measurement of the needed liquid.

It is needless to say that buying a skid sprayer would more expensive than build oneself. So, creating a skid sprayer would be a money-saver as well as finding satisfaction. It can be your earning medium too. You may earn by selling it or serve people’s area through it.

How to Build A Skid Sprayer

If you want to build your skid sprayer, here is the guideline to explain easily for you. This article shows you how to build a skid sprayer step by step. So, let’s start.

Equipment’s/ elements we need

For building a skid sprayer, you need six mandatory equipment. Besides this, you need some tools for connecting the elements. These are:

1. Tank

First of all, you need a tank to put the liquid. The bigger tank installs a more quantity

amount of liquid. There are 30-gallon to 500-gallon size tanks found in the market. You should choose the size you need.

2. Pump/ Engine

A pump is a must to run the liquid through the pipe from the tank. Piston, roller, diaphragm, centrifugal, transfer, irrigation- these are the six types of sprayer pumps. You may choose the pump according to voltage power and tank size.

3. Hosepipe

It is a necessary part of a skid sprayer. Hosepipe takes the responsibility to pass the liquid to the purpose area. It connected with the tank through the machine. You can pull it out when to run liquid.

50 ft of 3/8 inches to 400 ft of 3/8 sizes hose pipe is known as the standard size. You should choose the pipeline according to your purpose area.

4. Pressure related section

Pressure Relief Valve

You can increase or decrease liquid pressure go through the gun with the pressure relief valve. It controls excess pressure that comes from the pump.

Pressure Gauge

Pressure gauges included with the pressure control section and show the measurement of spray pressure.

Pressure Regulator Knob

With this knob, you can regulate pressure and use properly of your liquid.

5. Lovejoy Coupler

It connects the pump with the spray rig.

6. Hose reel

The hose reel holds the whole hose pipe. It placed beside the tank.

7. Connection fittings

The connection lines from the tank to the pump machine and pump machine to hose reel is necessary.

8. Electric start ingredients

Electric start ingredients need to start the engine of the pump. Some electric elements also need to conduct the hose reel to spiral in the hose pipe.

9. Suction

It situated underneath the tank. It has three parts: tank drain valve, tank drain nozzle, and suction line valve.

10. Nozzle

Nozzle plays a vital role to spray liquid, just like fog. It fits with the hose pipe.

11. Battery

If your pump machine conducted by a battery, there are rechargeable and dischargeable battery exists. If the pump run by gas or petrol, then the battery not need.

Tools Those You Need

Channellock pliers, banjo fittings, cam locks, thread tape, drill machine, screwdriver, factory Honda parts, etc.

Skid Sprayer Building Guideline- 7 Easy Steps

If you assemble all the equipment and tools, then you can go to build your skid sprayer. It will not take too much time.

Step 1:

First of all, you connect the suction line underneath the tank by using thread tape and a plier. It will help you to use all the single drop of your liquid.

Step 2:

Fit the engine and pump machine beside the tank. Then connect the pump with the tank suction line through the connection line. This time you should use the banjo fittings, thread tape, drill machine.

Step 3:

Affix the pressure-related part with the pump. This part consists of a pressure relief valve, a pressure gauge, and a regulator.

Step 4:

Fit the reel on another side of the tank holder. Then spiral the hose pipe with this reel.

Step 5:

Connect the hose pipe with the pump with a connection line.

Step 6:

Fill the tank with the required liquid.

Step 7:

Start the engine and wait for the flow of liquid running through the hose pipe.


Building a skid sprayer is not too harsh. It is a little bit a matter of hard work, though. But you will have fun and mental satisfaction as well.

When you go to market or online to buy a skid sprayer, it will cost more than 3000 dollars. But if you build it yourself, it costs 1500 to 2000 dollars. Costs depend on the quality and size of the equipment.

You can buy all the equipment and tools from any agricultural shop or some online shops. You will learn more valuable things by building your skid sprayer.

So, from this article hope you could understand how to build a skid sprayer. Now it is your turn to go for work.