How to Clean Pool Deck- Easy Pool Maintenance Tips

Proper pool deck cleaning preserves the decks’ concrete, wood, or patio stones, reducing the need for unnecessary repairs and ensuring a safe surface for foot traffic.

Keeping a pool deck clean also means cleaner air surrounding the pool and a more attractive area for sunbathing or entertaining guests. We shall know well how to clean pool deck.

How to Clean Pool Deck

Use a bleach and soap solution and an exterior brush for regular pool deck washing. Washing powder removes grit, grime, sand, silt, chlorine, and other pool chemicals and prepares concrete and wood for a fresh coat of sealant. Before you know different types of pool deck then you know here details how to clean pool deck.

Material Matters

Bare feet are the norm on pool decking so it’s important that the material you choose won’t become slippery when wet or absorb excess heat. Swimmers should be able to walk safely—even when the surface is sopping muddy—without scorching their soles.

Ideally, the surface should feel pleasant beneath the feet, so keep comfort as well as safety in mind when choosing pool deck material from the following options:

Poured concrete has been the material of choice for pool decking for decades because it’s durable and waterproof. When finished with a brushed surface, poured concrete allows swimmers to walk barefooted without the risk of dropping.

Pre-cast cement pavers, an excellent alternative to poured concrete, can be bought in a variety of geometrical shapes, including squares, rectangles, and octagons.

Brick is another DIY-friendly option, which installs in much the same way as cement pavers—over a bed of sand to keep the element from moving. Brick is slightly more expensive, ranging from $.50 to $5 per brick, depending on the type, and professional installation will set you back another $2 to 5 per square feet.

Brick imparts the landscape a classic look, making it a good choice for historic homes.

Wood is a smooth choice that feels wonderful underfoot, but not all types are suitable for the pool deck. You’ll need a good exterior wood, such as redwood, teak, cedar, or ipe (an exotic hardwood), to repel water and insect damage. A wood deck requires the construction of a floor joint system on which to install the deck boards.

If you’re experienced in basic construction principles and hope to DIY, the elements to install wood pool decking will run $3.50 to $5 per square foot, depending on wood species. For installation will add another $5 to $10 per square ft.

How to Clean Your Pool Deck – Easy steps

With all that said, however, the cleaning process is a lot simpler than you might think! With just a few things you probably already have at home and a little bit of time, your pool deck will be clean in five easy steps!

Step 1: Mix Your Concrete Cleaner

Before anything else can be done, you need to make your concrete cleaner. This mixture is easy to make and is too useful. First, seize a large, clean bucket. Put in a small amount of bleach (start with one cap full. If it’s not potent enough, you can always put in more) to the bucket, then fill the rest with warm water.

Now, use a swab or scrubbing brush to apply the mixture all over the concrete area. Be sure to keep away from plants, flowers, and furniture as bleach can be harmful.

If you’re looking for a more organic alternative cleaner, mix warm water with a mild degreasing dish soap. Commence with 10 parts water to 1 part degreasing soap. If you notice the solution is too weak, slowly and gradually add more soap into the mixture.

If making your own cleaner isn’t something you want to do, don’t panic! You can simply pick up some concrete cleaner at your local hardware or big-box store. Just be sure to read the instructions on diluting it properly; it’s likely intensive.

Step 2: Scrub the Pool Deck

Now that your cleaning mixture is applied, it’s time to use your nudge grease and scrub. A hard stubbled boom as your scrub brush should work well. It will remove dirt, mildew, and grime build up. Give any mulish stains or deposits a little extra time and elbow grease.

Step 3: Tough Stains

If you’re noticing that your cleaning solution isn’t getting rid of tough stains or deposits, you may need to try a heavier duty cleaner like trisodium phosphate (TSP). Once your TSP is properly mixed, apply it the same way you did your other cleanser.

Make sure to take proper actions when using cleaners like this. Even when you’re outside or in a well-aerated area, a breathing mask and rubber gloves are necessary.

Step 4: Rinse Off the Deck

Once you’re happy with the look and cleanliness of your concrete, you’ll need to rinse off your cleaning mixture from the decking. A garden hose with a sprayer attachment or pressure washer will clear away the cleanser, as well as any wed or grime left behind.

Again, remember to avoid flower beds, trees, and other plants, as well as furniture (especially if you’ve used bleach) when washing.

Step 5: Add a Deck Coating

Adding a water-resistant deck coating to your pool deck will help prevent future damages, stains, and cleaning it becomes a bit easier and your deck will last and look better longer. Use Hard Rock Concrete Coatings today to protect and beautify your concrete deck. Using the 5 steps will know how to clean pool deck.

For most decks, a simple bleach or detergent and water solution will do the trick. For tougher stains, consider using trisodium phosphate (TSP), which you can buy from any home improvement or pool supply store. Just be sure to use safety conditions and follow the directions on the label.

These are steps and ways how to clean pool deck. Swimming is better for good health. The cleaning pool deck is better for swimming. So the cleaning pool deck brings happiness and enjoyment. So we should keep a neat and clean a pool deck.