How to Catch a Chipmunk With a Bucket of Water- Easy DIY

Knowing about how to catch a chipmunk with a bucket of water will help you to get a home remedy to remove chipmunks. It’s an effortless way, and you can take this process without any hassle.

Chipmunks may seem to you very cute, but they are not innocent. They can ruin your grain too quickly, like monsters.

Please do not think that chipmunks or rats only destroy the crops of your land. Your warehouse will not be safe from chipmunk if it is found. All in all, chipmunks are deadly to your plant, whether in the field or the warehouse.

Hence, it becomes urgent to kill this harmful creature. The use of chemicals may cause harm to your crop and pollute the environment also. In this regard, we suggest you use traps which will be humane. You can purchase different kinds of traps but will find various limitations.

So, to save your cornfield, you have to drive away from this harmful creature. Chipmunks like to eat to peanut or other granular foods. Using these items, you can make a trap in a bucket full of water. Surely, mice are to be caught when they will jump into the bucket to have the grains.

How To Catch Chipmunks With A Bucket Of Water- Homemade Traps

You have cultivated your land, now growing crops with labor and care. But you cannot rest in peace although you are applying the best effort. Because a small creature, chipmunk, is disturbing your grains.

Different ways are available to kill this harmful creature, but you don’t have to try all or any of them. Some may be costly, some deadly to the environment, and other limitations.

In this case, Homemade traps will help you learn how to catch chipmunks with a bucket of water.

To catch a chipmunk with a bucket of water is very affordable. It will not cost you a lot of money, time, and labor. The method of using traps is an eco-friendly and effective way. To get the solution, learn how to catch a chipmunk with a bucket of water.

Methods To Entrap Chipmunk In Water Full Bucket

Several attempts you can take to destroy chipmunks:

Use of sunflower seeds: Use of water-filled buckets for chipmunk eradication is an environmentally friendly and humane method. First, you need to take a large or medium-sized bucket and fill it halfway with water. Spread some sunflower seeds which will float on the surface of the water.

Put this bucket in a suitable place. Set a wooden sheet with one corner of the bucket as a pathway of chipmunks. Sprinkle some seeds on the path. It will make the way tempting for them, and they will easily reach to the bucket. Finally, to eat the seeds into the bucket, they will jump into it. So, you didn’t get any trouble with this job.

Use a rolling lid: You can entrap chipmunks by covering the bucket with a rolling lid. Cut out a carton box or a stiff board to make around the board. Insert a steel thick wire into the round board larger than its radius so that there are extra wires at both ends.

Make two holes facing each other at the top end of the bucket. Insert two ends of extra wire on either side of the round board into the perforation in the bucket.

Now you can roll this lid on both sides, but you have to fix one direction. Attach a small piece of board to the cover so that it stays fixed by touching the bucket. Keep some grains or other foods to allure chipmunks opposite to the fixing point. Make a narrow path to reach the bucket lid using any slides.

Take a drainage pipe: Take a drainage pipe measured one – 2 feet 4″ diameter. Now fill one end of the tube half full with water in the bucket. Make a mound of wood or brick as high as the bucket and place the other end of the pipe.

Place a bigger stick inside the tube with one end facing the bucket and the other facing the mound. Spread some peanuts over the whole stick. When a rat reaches the end of the stick, it will lean downwards, and the rat will crawl into the bucket. As the bucket is half full, the rat will not be able to jump even if it tries.

Make holes on polythene: Fill a bucket with one-third of water ‍and cover it using cardboard. Attach the cover to the bottom of the bucket with steel wire so that the cap is flexible around. Make sure that the top does not touch the water when it is turned.

Now, fix another thick steel wire above the lid. As a result, the cardboard will not rotate upwards, and the chipmunks will not be able to get out of the water. Now, stick the top of the bucket with polythene. Make a few holes on the polythene that chipmunks can enter.

Then put some peanuts fixing with glue. If the rats try to eat food, they will fall through the holes on the cardboard. Afterward, the lid will rotate downwards, and the chipmunk will fall into the water but will not be capable of getting out of it.


Today we talked about an easy way to catch chipmunks. You can see that there is nothing complicated about this type of hunting, even a novice hunter can carry it. Not only that, but it is also a pollution-free method.

You may not find chipmunks in your field because they are speedy and intelligent animals. However, you can detect their presence by looking at the condition of the crop. They may be pretty to look at but destructive to your harvest.

A homemade remedy is the best way for you to solve this problem. All the equipment stated in the above methods is available near to your hand. Your learning on how to catch a chipmunk with a bucket of waterwill inspire you to care about the environment.