How to Break in Cowboy Boots Overnight- 10 Effective Ways

How to break in cowboy boots overnight is an inevitable task to ensure your highest comfort. The cowboy boot is an integral accessory for nature-loving people. If you like to look after your yard regularly then it is a must-have product along with other necessary tools.

There are various types of organic leather cowboy boots that are convenient for garden work. However, a well made cowboy boot can’t be guaranteed as well fit all. A misfit boot creates a blister, burning, and ache that leads to medication.

You may need to customize it in your desired pattern. Therefore it’s important to learn how to fix a misfit cowboy boot.

How To Break in Cowboy Boots Overnight

How to break in cowboy boots overnight leads you to multiple options. Most of the boots are made of exotic organic leather materials like alligator skin, snake, and even ostrich skin. Perhaps these have a natural tendency of stretching to a certain degree.

Therefore you can try any of this to get rid of your irritating feet. However, you may need to combine those and may have to repeat any trick to get a better outcome. Let us shed some light on how to fix your cowboy boots.

Wear Them Frequently

At a primary stage usual practice is to wear them frequently. It is expected that subsequent use of boots would naturally stretch them out at your desired size. Here your feet work as a stretcher. Although this process has some cons. First of all, it is lengthy and tiring.

Moreover, you may feel numbness, heel, and toe pain, blisters around pressure points due to cramming into boots. Medication and pain may distract from using it further.

Wear With Socks

Another cheap and easy trick incorporates a pair of thick socks. In this process, you can wear your cowboy boots with thick socks. Thick socks should naturally comfort your feet while working as a stretcher also. It is recommended to wear a maximum of two pairs of socks at a time. If you need a little stretch in width and height of toe-boxes then it might help. The pressure created by your double-layered sock ultimately frees up some space.

This method is somehow a bit painful. Multiple sessions of wearing these pairs can have significant stress on your feet. You can wear a maximum of two pairs of socks at a time. Therefore it is rational to walk around in warmer season in socks when naturally your boots are a little bit flexible

Ice Filled Poly Packets

Take some plastic bags and fill them with water. Put these packets inside your boots and refrigerate them with boots. The water turns into ice and creates expanded pressure on leather boots. This trick is a bit risky due to the possibility of water absorption that damages leather in the long run.

Applying Spoon

You can take a medium-sized spoon typically used as a main course spoon. Now apply the bottom part of it to rub on the bottom of your heel. This will work as a stimulator to the collision that happens to your feet while you walk. It assists in breaking in the heel easily. Make sure to apply this trick repeatedly.

Baby Lotion

You can rub some baby lotion on your toe and heel just before wearing your boots. The baby lotion has a high softening effect inside your boots and gives an instant extra stretch. Moreover, it has fewer chemicals and preservatives which hardly harms the texture and color of the leather.

Alcohol As A Softener

All you need just a bottle of wine but not for drinking for sure. The basic mechanism for breaking in cowboy boots is to soften the leather. Alcohol works as a fabulous softener. Take some wine and rub it lightly inside out the boots. After drying out the boots are likely to be comfortable than before.

Apply Heat Inside

You can use heat as it is inexpensive and can give you a closely customized fit without making a mess. You have to take a hairdryer or any other heat source or steamer you find safe. Let us describe it step by step:

  • Take a kettle filled with hot boiling water or a garment steamer. Put the nozzle inside your boots and point to your desired corner
  • Give heat for a maximum of 20 seconds. Not more than that at least in each session.
  • Carefully put out the steamer and press on the affected area in a dabbing motion. If till now it feels hard then repeat the session for another 20 seconds.
  • When you feel it warm, squishy but not wet then it is high time to put this on and walk around.
  • Typical practice is to wear it until it dries out its moisture. But if you find it discomforting then you put off it after a while and let it dry naturally.
  • Do not use high heat to fasten the process. You may destroy it entirely.
  • After cooling down apply some leather conditioner on it. You can use mink oil or leather honey as per your cowboy boots material demand.

This method might seem comforting and easy. In reality, it needs sheer perfection. A slight mistake of heat regulation could damage your leather texture and its vibrancy of color.

The extent of damage depends on the origin of leather, its quality, texture, dye pattern, heat resistance capacity, how much moisture is absorbed and duration. It is highly recommended to try this method at your own risk.

Submerge Your Boots into The Water

Most probably this is the most debated method. Saturating your boots into water is widely practiced and controversial also. Water naturally has a loosening effect on fiber but surely it cuts the durability in the long run.

Fill in a bathtub or large bowl with water and put your boots in it. Make sure your boots are not floating and water shouldn’t get inside. Once you find the inner sole a bit wet then pull out the boots. Wear on socks and wrap your legs with a plastic cover to avoid direct contact with wet parts.

Walk around with it and do not put off until it gets dry. After drying out, put some conditioner to prevent crust breakage.

This method has many disadvantages. First of all using water could permanently loosen your boots in the long run. The texture and colors are not immune to such a process. You cannot take the burden of repairing it. Moreover, the water can let grow fungi inside the boots that harm your feet.

Some people recommend using water spray instead of succumbing to it. A regulated spray of water all over in it could moist it to some extent.

Use of Leather Conditioner and Sprayer

Leather conditioners are available nowadays. These are the gentle products to soften the boots. Applying these conditioners, you may get more shinny looking shoes. Just rub some product gently all over the boots and let them dry naturally. Conditioners and sprays work fast than anything.

Specialized stretcher sprays are a good remedy for misfit boots. You can easily break in your boots by spraying on specific tight parts.

Boots Stretcher

If you haven’t spent your entire budget on cowboy boots then you can spend some on a stretcher. A boot stretcher is a simple device shaped like a boot. Put it inside your boot. Adjust the degree of stretch you want to get through the lever of it.

The beneficial part of the boot stretcher is that you can customize it as per your requirement. You can leave the stretcher inside for overnight and the next morning it’s almost done.


How to break in cowboy boots overnight is not a difficult task. But careful use of every single method is tough to manage. At the initial stage heel slippage and light, pain is normal. It should go away with periodic use. Don’t get your boots in touch with water so much.

If these methods are not working then perhaps you have bought the wrong pair. In this situation, you should either exchange it or you can take assistance from an expert repair shop.