Craftsman Riding Mower Drive Belt Diagram- A Step By Step Process!

Drive belts are one of the leading parts of a riding mower. And, a drive belt diagram helps you to understand the parts and their work processes more clearly. 

No matter what DIY mower repair guide you follow to solve any case, it’s crucial to know the work process and the ins and outs of the drive belts.

Here, in this article, we will cover everything about Craftsman riding mower drive belt diagrams, how the drive belts work, and how you can install the belts.

So, let’s jump in!

What is A Riding Mower Drive Belt? How Does it Work?

If you ask, what is a riding mower drive belt? The simplest answer is, it’s the part that lets your mower move. Yes, the drive belt is responsible for the movement of the wheels of your mower.

So, what’s the process? How does all of it work?

The first and foremost job of the drive belt is transferring power to the parts of your mower. The engine shaft of the mower has radial torque. The drive belt transfers that torque to the input shaft of the transmission.

Ultimately, the torque turns on the function of your mower and lets it perform properly. It helps the mower move forward and spin the blade.  

Now, you may be confused thinking about where the drive belt gets the ability to transfer the power or torque from the engine to the transmission.  Well, it actually comes from the way the drive belt runs on your mower.

The engine shaft and the input shaft of the transmission have the attachments of the pulleys. At the time the engine fires first it turns the engine shaft and then turns the transmission’s input shaft.

The first pulley is the reason for the drive belt’s movement. And, this movement of the drive belt leads the second pulley to move. Since the second pulley is connected to the input shaft of the transmission, that movement of the second pulley leads the transmission shaft to turn.

So, the movement process there is something like this:

Engine fires→ Engine Shaft turns→ the first Pulley turns→ the Drive Belt moves→ the second Pulley turns→ Transmission shaft turns.

Now what happens next is, the transmission shafts transfer the power to the drive wheels of your mower. Therefore, the transmission gets the power means the mower can move.

This is how the drive belt helps your riding mower move back and forth.

Craftsman Riding Mower Drive Belt Diagram

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  • Suspension Arms: This part absorbs the impact when you drive your mower over uneven ground.
  • Electric Clutch Pulley: An electric clutch gets power from the mower’s engine and transmits it to the blade of the mower. When the clutch takes energy from the starter, a pressure is created in the magnetic coil which lets the armature contact with the rotor. 
  • Retainer Spring: The spring puts tension on the drive belt of a zero-turn mower. When the drive belt spins around the pulley, the arm spring clips onto the mower deck.
  • Anti-Sway Bar: It’s a metal part that fastens to the mower frame and the mower deck to reduce the mower’s side-to-side movement.
  • Front link: The front link attaches the mower’s front deck to the bracket under the front axle. The job of the link is to help level the deck both up and down.

How to Install/Replace Craftsman Riding Mower Drive Belt

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You can see something like the picture if you remove the mower housing first. Here, the drive belt is clearly visible along with the other related parts. When you need to install the drive belt on crafts, detach that belt retainer from the idler pulley.

After that, you can easily remove the drive belt. Then, it will be pretty easy to replace the drive belt. The next thing you have to do is detach the belt retainer from the idler pulley.

One thing you must keep in mind, the ‘V’ side of the drive belt should be against the idler pulley and the jackshaft pulley.

So, these are the related parts of the drive belt and the simple process to install the drive belt.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many belts are on a Craftsman riding mower?

There are three primary belts in a Craftsman mower- drive belt, arbor belt, and power clutch belt.

What is the ground drive belt on a Craftsman riding mower?

The ground drive belt is the one belt that makes the connection between the engine crankshaft pulley and the transmission pulley for allowing the mower to move.

How often should I change mower belts?

There’s no specific amount of time that you should change the belts, but the more frequently they’re used, the quicker you need to replace them. Because more use = more wear.


Now, we are at the end of our discussion on a Craftsman riding mower drive belt diagram. Did the article help you understand everything about your riding mower drive belt clearly? Hopefully, your answer is affirmative. 

Make sure you replace any broken or excessively worn drive belts when it’s needed. It will help you to avoid any unwanted experience with the mower. The thing is, If you can use the mower and its parts properly, you’ll have a longer journey with your mower.

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