7 Best Lawn Leveling Rakes- See Why Lawn Lover Choose Them!

Gardening and lawn management is a very adored activity slash hobby that so many people are into. From seeing your own planted seed grow and become bigger, to actually enjoying the leaf lush at your family dinner, everything seems really fascinating.

However, the whole planting process does need a lot of hard work. And a very important phase is when you are preparing the garden or lawn for the plantation. That’s when one of the key tools is a lawn leveling rake.

Finding the ideal pick that also seems pretty affordable should be your major concern at the moment. Well, to sort it out a bit and make the whole journey of finding that perfect pick, we have gathered the 7 best lawn leveling rakes:

Product’s Name Exterior Key Benefit Price
1. Varomorus Lawn Level Tool with Handle Stainless Steel Long And Supportive Available On Amazon
2. Standard Golf Levelawn Lightweight Aluminum
Simple To Assemble
Available On Amazon
3. Extreme Max Commercial-Grade Screening Rake Brushed Nice Tooth Layout Available On Amazon
4. MIYA 6FT Lawn Leveling Rake High-quality Steel Takes 1 Minute To Install Available On Amazon
5. Harrms 5FT Leveling Rake Stainless Steel
Good For Yard Use
Available On Amazon
6. Bully Tools 92630 30″ Poly Leaf Rake SteelTines Light In Weight Available On Amazon
7. Jardineer 63 inch Adjustable Garden Rake Strong Metal Fine For Tight Areas Available On Amazon
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Best Lawn Leveling Rakes

Lawn Leveling

The top picks that we are here to recommend are going to be reviewed below one by one so that you can have the complete authority to find out which lawn leveling rake seems to be the most appropriate for your lawn work.


1. Varomorus Lawn Level Tool with Handle- One Of The Best Rake For Leveling Soil

Specifications Of Varomorus Lawn Level Tool with Handle

Plate Size

30-Inch x 10-Inch

Handle Length

72 Inches


Stainless Steel

Suitable For

Soil and Grass Golf Field

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The Varomorus lawn leveler rake is a perfect option for soil leveling to grant an even surface. It as well helps us to take care of small holes or unfilled spots very quickly in level.

On the face of it, this leveling rake is small and light to use on the larger areas precisely. Besides, we find it simple to store in the garage or small corner.

Plus, this leveling rake handle is 72” built out of steel that we find very tough and firm to stand long. It is also very easy to set up for its plain design that doesn’t need instruction to fit.

In addition, we are satisfied with this leveling rake but it is not right for small areas. Yet, it works fine on mid-sized or larger lands to take care of patches or lawns.

Also, this leveling rake is good for moving in any direction to balance out the surface better. In fact, it allows easy movement that won’t cause damages.

And, we are not through yet. This leveling rake is also a universal item that will handle most types of surfaces such as bumpy, even, rocky, and so on. It is also good for seeding grasses.

In general, this leveling rake is a great choice for curing field depressions in the right manner. And, it works like magic to handle topsoil areas by spreading sand equality to even out well.


  • It is compact and travel-friendly.
  • This rake is light in weight.
  • It is comfortable on the hand.
  • This rake base is durable.
  • Good for leveling the ground.


  • Not a good option for small areas.

Available On Amazon

2. Standard Golf Levelawn- The Best Rake For Dead Grass

Specifications Of Standard Golf Levelawn

Plate Size

30 Inches x 10 1/4 Inches

Handle Length

6 Feet

Handle Construction


Suitable For

Leveling Grass and Lawns

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If you are one of those who want decent lawn leveling equipment for dead grass, then the Standard Golf Levelawn will work best for you. It is smooth and handy to level out topsoil well.

Thanks to its high-quality wood frame, the Standard Golf Levelawn feels way more comfortable when in use. Also, the handle of this leveling rake won’t break or crack compared to others.

And, you know what? It has a supportive design with a wide plate that takes care of soil clods faster. This leveling rake also allows flattening your yard soil with no struggle.

Besides, this leveling rake is very slim and light in weight to carry snugly. Even if it doesn’t have a snug cover or coating on the handle, that won’t affect leveling of the yard evenness.

A few people find this leveling rake not worth for its expensive price tag. Yet, we have checked its quality, durability, and other factors which makes it quite reasonable.

And, many buyers like the most about this leveling rake is its look and utility to store in a small area. It is also useful to keep dirt away from the yard, lake, and other sectors.

On the whole, this leveling rake is a functional and all-rounder gardening tool for taking care of larger fields. It also ensures wide coverage and comfort to use on a daily basis.


  • This rake handle is large and handy.
  • It is simple to utilize.
  • This leveling rake blends elevations well.
  • It helps to remove stones and particles.
  • This leveling rake breaks sand clods.


  • Some people find the price expensive.

Available On Amazon

3. Extreme Max 3005.4095 36″ Commercial-Grade Screening Rake- The Best Lawn Leveling Rake ToolFor Sandy Areas

Specifications Of Extreme Max 3005.4095 36″ Commercial-Grade Screening Rake

Plate Width

36 Inches

Handle Length

66 Inches

Head Type

Bow Style

Suitable For

Beach and Lawn Care

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The Extreme Max 36” is a perfect rake to level lawn and beach for a flat surface. It is also professional to handle most types of uneven areas for granting stable leveling.

With a silver brushed exterior, this leveling rake ensures no trouble of rust or corrosion. Even if you leave this leveling rake outside on sunny weather, still it won’t get damaged.

In fact, it comes with a bow-style plate that is big enough to take care of larger yards faster. This leveling rake also works smoothly that doesn’t need extra effort to even out sand.

Backed by a trustworthy brand, the Extreme Max 36” is warranty protected for up to 2 years to replace at ease. Also, you can easily restore and repair this leveling rake if any deflect occur.

The only hitch we find with this leveling rake is the handle texture that sometimes slides down if in a standing position. Yet, it can be solved if you store it in a buckle or garden tool storage.

Also, this leveling rake head has sharp teeth design to removes dirt or large particles without harming grass and plants. It as well won’t ruin small plants.

In a nutshell, the Extreme Max 36” rake is versatile and cleverly designed to do the leveling job well. It is also reliable for separating smaller waste.


  • It is durable and solid.
  • This leveling rake is good for the beach.
  • It has a low weight point.
  • This leveling rake is dependable.
  • It is good for grass and lawn.


  • The handle can slides off easily.

Available On Amazon

4. MIYA 6FT Lawn Leveling Rake- Most Excellent Option For Yard Golf

Specifications Of MIYA 6FT Lawn Leveling Rake

Handle Size

Up To 72 Inches

Plate Size

17 Inches x 10 Inches


Stainless Steel Materials
Suitable For

Yard Golf and Lawn

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The MIYA yard leveling rake is one of the finest picks if you prefer a high-quality option to smoothen golf and lawn. It also has a nice build quality to ensure robust performance.

And, this leveling rake has a fine curve that helps to take away dirt and debris from the yard at ease. It as well takes care of visible wastes by removing well with no blocking issue.

Not only that this leveling rake is functional but also it has a nice appearance to work in the garden snugly. We as well find it simple to prevent the land from bumpiness or jagged areas.

Unlike others, this leveling rake has length adjustment settings to work in small yards. It as well helps a lot to create better movement comfort to travel well on the garden.

One thing some people find unpleasant is it gives more muscle pain if using in large yards. Yet, it can be solved if you switch your hands and ensure the right position when using.

This leveling rake as well has a unique design that needs only a minute to set up well. You only need to connect the parts in the right direction by following the instruction manual.

In short, this leveling rake is a budget-friendly option to try out for smoothening the yard. It is also durable and portable.


  • It is simple to adjust.
  • This leveling rake is strong and solid.
  • It is trouble-free to store.
  • This leveling rake has a logical price.
  • It spreads soil fast to even out well.


  • This leveling rake is only for small yards.

Available On Amazon

5. Harrms 5FT Lawn Leveling Rake- The Best Option For Long-Term Use

Specifications Of Harrms 5FT Lawn Leveling Rake


3 Sections
Handle Length

5 Feet


For Up To 3 Years
Suitable For

Soil And Lawn

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The Harrms 5 feet rake is a top-notch option made out of solid steel to stand a good while. It is not only worth the value but also ensures no rust or corrosion issues after years of use.

Moreover, this topsoil leveling rake works the finest to use on most surfaces to do the process faster. It also has a nice design that doesn’t allow discomfort even if held for a while.

This leveling rake as well supports keeping the yard or garden look tidy and nice by clearing waster. It also has a rubber grip to hold well that supports when moving on different directions.

In addition, this lawn leveling rake has a smooth and adjustable pole that takes a minute to fit in the rake. It as well doesn’t need extra maintenance or care.

In our experience, it has a good side along with one drawback which is this leveling rack doesn’t work well on heavy use. Yet, we find it excellent to handle small grass and light purposes.

Even if a few people find the nuts loosen, it has a fine design to fit them with no struggle. This leveling rake is also painless to store in one space.

To sum it up, this lawn leveling rake is a great choice if you want a comfortable and accessible option. It also doesn’t cause muscle fatigue or pain.


  • It is simple to use.
  • This leveling rack is durable.
  • It has rust-free nuts.
  • This leveling rack is painless to fit.
  • It helps to remove waste fast.


  • Not a good option for heavy use.

Available On Amazon

6. Bully Tools 92630 30″ Poly Leaf Rake- The Best Rake For Leaves On Lawn

Specifications Of Bully Tools 92630 30″ Poly Leaf Rake

Plate Size

30 Inches x 22 Inches
Handle Length

44 Inches

Tines Type

Suitable For

Lawn And Leaves

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The Bully Tools 92630 30″ is a perfect pick for those who want to deal with leaves on the lawn. It is also smartly designed and practical to work with on the yard.

Compared to most, this leveling rake has a triangle shape with a wide head that helps a lot to use in large grass. It as well ensures efficient performance to take a good amount of dirt.

Also, this leveling rake has a fiberglass handle in a triple-wall structure that ensures longevity. It as well helps to get rid of break, crack, or other harms even after years of use.

In fact, this leveling rake has 90 degrees angle on the head that makes sure of fine support on movement. We also find no hitch when using it on small spots to remove debris from plants.

One snag we find in this leveling rake is the plastic tines that can bend easily if it faces pressure. Yet, we avoid using extra force on the handle which makes this trouble solved at ease.

Also, it has a solid nut and bolt to insert on the pole head for working fine. This leveling rake as well has a nice grip to hold snugly with no stressed feel.

In a word, this leveling rake is an all-purpose option to use daily on tighter or larger spaces. It is also backed by a limited warranty.


  • It is good for large spaces.
  • This rake is reliable and supportive.
  • It doesn’t give fatigue.
  • This rake is comfortable.
  • Good for garden projects.


  • Some buyers find the plastic tine bends easily.

Available On Amazon

7. Jardineer63 inch Adjustable Garden Rake- The Finest Pick For Wide & Tight Spots

Specifications Of Jardineer 63 inch Adjustable Garden Rake

Rake Width

7 Inches

Head Length

23 Inches


Aluminum And Steel Tine

Suitable For

Plants, Lawns, And Yards

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The Jardineer 63-inch rake is an adjustable and handy option for wide to tight spots use. It also allows you to use around the plants or shrubs very easily without harming them.

No doubt about its functions and usability, this leveling rake removes leaves, dirt, and debris from yards quickly. It as well has a good ability to collect huge waste for removable.

Also, this leveling rake is slim and lighter to carry for doing most of the works neatly. Besides, you don’t need to worry about where to store this leveling rake as it fits in small zones.

Furthermore, this leveling rake is tested that needs no extra effort or energy to set up. Also, it has a small lock system to easily adjust the height by pulling the knob in the right place.

Some people said it is weak to endure more pressure. Yet, we find this leveling rake cozy and easy to work with that doesn’t require more force to get the job done well.

And, this leveling rake has a rotating tech that ensures extend and easy flip when in use. Plus, it has bigger steel teeth on the head to take away visible waste.

By and large, this leveling rake is a fantastic tool that can be used for better movement. It is also fine for light tasks at an efficient working.


  • It has a rubber grip.
  • Good for long-term usage.
  • This rack has quality assurance.
  • It is light-weighted and usable.
  • This rack head is wide.


  • Some people find it weak to stand the pressure.

Available On Amazon

Factors To Pick The Best Lawn Leveling Rakes?

Finding the right lawn leveling rake in the store is a big job if you are a novice. It requires more ideas of products to pick one depending on your needs. The following aspects and tricks will help you get the best in both world options.


We all seek comfort when it comes to leveling rake. Some rakes for lawn leveling has plastic grip attached for ease of work. Others have a good length for movement benefit. So, pick a leveling rake wisely.

A nicely designed handle that won’t give pain or fatigue on hand will be perfect.

Head Type

The leveling rakes have different head types such as bow, lawn, shrub, and so on. Each type of head in leveling rake is good for several purposes.

The lawn head type is good for wide space. And, shrub head type works great on leaves. Equally, the bow type takes care of dirt and sand better.


Another thing you should check when in the market is the lasting ability. If you go with a leveling rake that has the poor lasting ability, then it may give many problems on the future.

A solid leveling rake that doesn’t rust or break even if years pass then it is the right pick. Also, you should check the handle materials that should go a good while without cracking.

Most leveling rakes are made out of steel, aluminum, or metal materials to serve long.

Weight Point

Weight is the essential stuff that you shouldn’t neglect. The leveling rake is count as light or heavy based on the size.

In general, the heavier rakes will able to handle bigger tasks by leveling sand, dirt, and other waste easily. On the other hand, the lighter leveling rakes are fine for clearing dry leaves and lawns. Thus, pick carefully.

How Do You Flatten A Bumpy Lawn?

Flattening a bumpy lawn is pretty simple to do if you have the right tool and ideas. You just need to follow the given directions without skipping any steps. Let’s get started:

Step-1: First off, measure the areas of the bumpy lawn. Now, take away the sod out of the low spot. Try cutting the pieces not more than 18 Inches strips. Just remove the part gently so that it can separate from the soil. You can also roll up the strips to avoid damages.

Step-2: After that, dig out the topsoil into the hole.

Step-3: While you are digging the soil using a handy tool try using water. It will help to take away air pockets.

Step-4: Now, you can insert your sod or new seeds if needed. Use some smooth sand over the sod to cover the area evenly.

Step-5: Then, use leveling rake to smooth out the soil in good shape. Makes sure you are putting less pressure since it has gaps to level rightly.

Step-6: After you lever out the surface, add water on the topsoil to give good moisture. And, you are done.

Why You Need A Lawn Leveling Rake?

There are many reasons that one needs a lawn leveling rake for their yard. Leveling rakes are good for topsoil covering and spreading out. Let’s see why it is precious and needed:

Leveling Topsoil

The main purpose of a lawn leveling rake is to even out topsoil. It helps to eliminate rocks, weeds, roots, and larger particles from the topsoil to level the surface. The lawn leveling rake is also being used for planting.

Taking Away Dirt

A lawn leveling rake is also needed to take away dirt, debris, and dead leaves from the garden. It is also helpful to remove twigs, branches, and wastes. This lawn leveling rake as well cleans up dirt from the plants and shrubs.

Creating A Gravel Paths

Another handy reason why people use the lawn leveling rake is for making a nice gravel path. It helps to spread gravel on the yard to build a walkway without running the looks.

Taking Care Of The Shoreline

The lawn leveling rake is also good for use in the beach. It helps to remove dirt and waste from the lake at ease. The leveling rake is also good for golf courses.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Are lawn leveling rakes expensive?

Based on the material, design, quality, and other aspects in a lawn leveling rake, it can price differently. Some lawn leveling rakes are cheap but lack quality. On the flip side, others have fine stability and quality at a higher rate.

What are the differences between landscape rakes and lawn leveling rakes?

Most people think landscape and lawn leveling rakes the same. But, they both got individuality to use in different ways. The landscape rakes are easy to move and work fine on crushing larger piles of sand. They are also spread out land soil evenly.
On the other side, the lawn leveling rake is fine for pushing topsoil to give a smooth surface. They also have special designs and functions compared to others.

What happens if I don’t level my yard?

If you don’t level or even out your yard, it may cause fungus growth due to debris. Using leveling rake on your yard ensures taking away waste and leaves to protect plants from damages.
Also, most experts suggest leveling the yard once every month to avoid soil depressions. Besides, you need to smoothen out the hard sand that increases grass nutrition to grow well.


A leveling rake is an essential tool to smoothen out the yard. Yet, picking one is quite hard with no decent research. After reading this guide, we hope you have to get familiar with all the points and features to pick the best lawn leveling rakes.

A right leveling rake will give the finest garden experience to take care of the soil. But, there are many types of leveling rake in the recent market which makes it hard to pick. One product is good for durability while others rocks in quality and price.

Just be sure to check each product’s plus points and bad sides for avoiding mistakes. Also, try making a list of benefits you need in a leveling rake to select out fast.

For your ease of study, we have given some products that are effective and handy for users. These leveling rakes are good for lawns, grasses, plants, and other cares. They are high-quality, logically priced, and convenient to try out. Have A Great Day!