How to Stop Neighbors Grass Growing under Fence | Tricks to Try

You must keep the greenery under control and that’s why you must know how to stop neighbors grass growing under fence. A secure fence offers a functional solution. It defines not only your property line but also secure your yard space.

It would help if you did your regular lawn maintenance routine because lawnmower cannot reach the grass growing under the fence. Want to avoid neighbour’s grass growing under a fence? It would help if you had some ideas. Let’s check below.

How To Stop Neighbors Grass Growing Under Fence

A fence creates a safer play area for children and pets and also increases your home’s value. Unfortunately, it is common for grass to grow around fences and make it difficult to maintain for homeowners. How to stop neighbors grass from growing under fence? Then you can try the following process:

1. By Hand Pulling

If very little hemp is grown under your wall, you pull it out by your hand.

2. Using Weed Eater

Using a weed-eater helps to. destroy any grass or weeds that grow around your fence. Weed-eater eliminates the most significant amount of grass and protects your fence.

3. Using Vinyl Strips

The vinyl strip is another solution to discourage grass from growing. You can keep your outdoor fences weed-free. The strips need about 6 “wide to run the length of the fence.

4. Spraying Herbicide

You can spray herbicide in the base of your fence. It kills any grass or weeds without damaging the wall. You can use Roundup or own herbicide using salt or vinegar mixed with water. But Roundup is highly effective.

5. Spraying Vinegar

Spraying the vinegar with dishwashing liquid on sunny days because it can kill the grass within hours. Regular applying keep your under fence grass free.

6. Using Small Rocks

Spread the small rocks such as pea gravel under the fence so that grass or weed can not grow.

7. By Physical Barrier

If you want a long-term solution, create a physical barrier such as a brick or timber edges or use aluminum or heavy plastic. It prevents the runners and rhizomes from creeping underneath into your lawn.

8. Doing Mulch

Mulch is a very effective way to keep the problem under control. 2″ layer of mulch such as shredded bark or wood clippings my spread.

9. Using Hot Potato water

After boiling potatoes, apply it over the grass, which grows under the fence. It works perfectly between concrete.

Stop Grass Growing Naturally

If you do not want to use dangerous chemical preparation, then follow some natural ways. There are several natural ways, and you can find all using items in the home.

Solarizing To kill Grass

The effective way to stop grass growing is to cook it. You may use an old window or black plastic to hone the sun and heat in on the area. The best time for solarization is summer.

Use black plastic or glass to cover the area. You can hold the plastic down with rocks, soil staples, boards.
Cover it for a few weeks to a month. It will kill the roots completely. Then, remove the covering.

Using Natural Liquid

Pour boiling water over the grass helps to kill the grass. Initially, it will brownout, and the roots still viable. So, every few days, repeat the process when no greening is observed.

You can use commercial grocery store vinegar, which has just five %acetic acids. Spray the vinegar on the grass plants and repeat it in a week.

Sheet Composting

Sheet composting is of the best natural ways to kill the grass. Cover the area with cardboard or several layers of newspaper and water to moisten thoroughly and top with a thick layer of compost and several inches of bark mulch. As time goes on, the paper layer will smother and kill the grass.


  • When there is no wind in the day time, apply the herbicide directly to the grass. Otherwise, the wind will carry the herbicide to other plants.
  • You should use herbicides with caution.
  • If you want to mow, but can’t easily reach around the fence. Then give some time when the grass emerges under the wall; you can quickly mowing.
  • It is better to use dishwashing liquid with vinegar instead of salt. Because it helps the vinegar to stick with the grass blades and kill the grass rapidly.


Your neighbors do not take care of his or her lawn, and you want to keep your lawn grass-free. So you can do some attention from your side of the property line.

We think the post about how to stop neighbors grass growing under fence is beneficial to you. Apply the above possible solution in your lawn and get rid of unwanted grass from under the wall.