How to Pick up Pine Cones in Yard Faster with Less Maneuverability

Searching for some easy methods on how to pick up pine cones in yard faster?

Pine cones can spread and make your yard a bit messier, and it might seem more prone to sweating you than while sweeping the lawn yard.

Then, how to pick up pine cones? Here, we will show you some effective and practically proven methods to pick up the pine cones faster and efficiently. All the ways here are from the expensive premium procedure to the cheapest alternative. So, you can choose according to what you are available with.

Let’s learn the ways.

How to Pick Up Pine Cones in Yard?

Pine cones can be of many different sizes. From small nut size to giant size of pine cones are seen in the yard. The most irritating fact about these pine cones is that they sink low in the grass when they get wet. And that time, the picking up task becomes more complex to do.

Generally, there are 2 ways to pick up pine cones from the yard- one is using hands and the other one using any rake or cone pickup tools.

However, while having a sneak peek at various lawn owners and gardeners, we got to find something interesting.

You know, many parents make their children pick these up for them as a part of a competition. Well, that is kind of entertaining when you have too naïve kids and want them to keep busy.

But wait, picking up some cones with hands can be risky too. There are barbs in the mid to bigger-sized cones, which might poke the fingers. So, it would be better to pick up pine cones using any tools or rakes.

More this, you might have back pain after picking up a number of pine cones from your yard if the number is too many.

So, why getting your back to have pain for bending often or crawling to pick up the cones? Whereas, There are so many pine cone pickup tools available in stores. Let’s get you introduced to them and let you know how you can pick up pine cones using them.

How to Pick Up Pine Cones Using Cone Pick-up Tools?

As we said, there are many cone pickup tools available in stores, and all of them are of different price ranges. One may get confused when one does not want to break the bank and look for something efficient.

Here, we list some popular and effective pine pick-up tools that are pretty user-friendly and listed out thinking about your budget to premium pick.

How to Pick up Pine Cones Using a Nut Gatherer or Nut Collector Tool

Different nut collector wizard tools are available that are quite comfortable and handy to use. These nut collector tools have a long handle that benefits with no bending down, and you can collect pine cones, acorns, crab apples, and so on.

One of the popular ones is the Weasel Nut Gatherer that many lawn owners like to keep with the list of lawn maintenance tools.

Things We Like

  • Easy to operate
  • Picks up small to mid-sized cones
  • Carbon steel welding makes durable
  • Rust & weather-resistant

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There is a cheaper alternative collector tool Corona Quick Collector. You can check out this if you find the above one bit pricy.

Things We Like

  • Flexible spring steel cage collects the cones & nuts
  • Comfortable grip with a long handle
  • Easy & faster to clean up after collection
  • It saves time & effort

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Using these collectors, you can only collect acorns, nuts, and pine cones that are not too big.

How to Pick up Pine Cones with Stab a Nut Pine Cone Picker

Another pine cone pick up tool is the Stab a nut Cone Pickup Upper. Using this tool, the cone picking up might seem more than fun. You just stab on the cones, and it picks them up.

And the beneficial part is the ejection system. Due to its pump-style ejection system, you can easily clean the bottom part and throw the collected cones and other stuff into the correct place.

Things We Like

  • Can collect all sized cones
  • Collects pine & magnolia cones
  • Stab and pick formula, no need to bend
  • Easy to clean up after picking

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Many find these a bit time-consuming as you can collect a limited number of cones at a time. So, when the yard is large enough and filled with cones full to the brim, this tool might not be that much helpful.

How to Pick up Pine Cones with Bag a Nut Pine Cone Picker

When your yard is quite extensive and looking for a commercial-grade tool to pick up pine cones, then none other than Bag a Nut Pine Cones Picker Upper is the best suited to your query.

It might come with additional costing, but you can have a sigh because it can do the job conveniently with less maneuverability.

Things We Like

  • Push type collector machine
  • Available for different sizes of cones
  • Easy to operate in any nook and under the tree
  • Easy to dispose of with removal basket

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With this cone picker-upper push machine, you can pick up medium to large sizes of pine cones comfortably. Just start the engine and start pushing. The pile of wheels with tint roll and pick up the cones and store them in the basket within a faster process.

This Bag-a-Nut pickup upper comes in 3 different sizes based on different sizes of collection. If you need it for a small nut collection or nut-sized cones, you can get the small sizes. Similarly, the medium and the last on- the large size for the larger cones and nuts or crab apples are also available.

However, if you feel it too tiring to push the device, you can try the Bag a Nut Pull Behind Pickup Upper. Just connect the pickup upper behind your mower and pull by riding your mower.

So, basically, these are the cone pickup tools that you can use to pick up pine cones in the yard. However, you can also use any lawn sweeper when it comes to picking up small pine cones.

Again, some like to use a rake to pick up pine cones, too, as it can also save your budget. One of the best rake for pine cones that are for the small size cones you can try is the TRG Groundskeeper II Rake.

For sweeping away the small pine cones and pine needles, this type of garden rake benefits. After picking up the pines, there may remain pine needles sometimes. Sweeping with a garden sweeper or using a rake can finely do the job.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Ques: How to get rid of pine cones?

Ans: Literally, there are no possible ways to stop making the pine cones fall and get rid of them. The thing you can do is pick up the pine cones using any suitable pine cone pickup tools and keep your lawn tidy with no harm to the cone pokes.

Ques: Are pine cones bad for lawn?

Ans: Yes, pine cones are bad for lawns as they ruin the grasses. Pine cones have needles that are acidic. It can damage the grass, causing a threat to your healthy greenish lawn. Again, you can’t mow your lawn with the pine cones spread on the grass.  The pine cones and their needles will ruin your grass.

Ques: What is the best way to pick up pine cones faster?

Ans: Using pine pickup tools like the Bag a Nut makes the work faster than you might pick up using a rake. However, sweepers can help here bu it takes more time.

Wrapping UP

Many newbie lawn owners fall in confusion with the question- should pine cones be picked up or not. And some of them tend to mow the lawn with the pine spread all over. That is the worst thing ever you are doing with your healthy lawn.

So, it would help if you know how to pick up pine cones in the yard. As a result, you can easily get rid of the cones after they start falling.

In this entire discussion, we have shown the best ways for picking up the pine cones, no matter the cones are bigger or smaller, like the walnuts.