How to Make a Hydrostatic Lawn Mower Faster with Simple Steps

Are you disappointed with your hydrostatic lawnmower not working at a reasonable speed? Being fed up with this issue is a regular affair, as purchasing and using a hydrostatic lawnmower involves a costly investment.

So, keeping a hydrostatic lawnmower trouble-free is essential to make it faster. And it becomes easy if you know how to make a hydrostatic lawn mower faster.

When your hydrostatic lawnmower does not perform well, you can repair it and increase the speed instead of replacing it. However, you may don’t know how to make the lawnmower faster. In this article, you will get some techniques on how to make it faster.

How Does A Hydrostatic Lawn Mower Work?

Unlike other types of lawnmowers, a hydrostatic lawnmower has additional components and requires more care and maintenance. Before going to inform you how to make a hydrostatic lawn mower faster, we want to make you thoroughly understand how it works.

A hydrostatic lawnmower engine usually involves a combination of a hydrochloric pump and a hydraulic motor. It has hydrostatic drive, heated gripes, power steering, and remote chute controls. The gear works through pressurized oil, which helps the pistons move and generate power. With this power, the drive wheels run.

A peddle controls its speed, both forward and backward. The users can easily change the speed of the lawnmower, which is not possible in gear or belt-driven lawnmower.

Techniques for Making A Hydrostatic Lawn Mower Faster

You are a user of the hydrostatic lawnmower; this means you are expecting your lawnmower to mow grass with high speed. To modify the speed of the hydrostatic lawnmower and save some time, you must follow some simple and easily applicable techniques.

Here we show you some of these techniques:

1. Install A New Air Filter

The lawnmower will produce high speed if you replace the air filter. Because it will ensure more flow of air. It will lead the engine to run well. So, when the air filter gets older, you should change it.

2. Check The Gas Tank

The gas tank bears the fuel to run the engine. The container must be air tighten. Otherwise, the leakage in the gas tank will emit fuel. Thus there will be wastage of fuel increasing the maintenance cost, and the engine power will be less than you expect.

By removing the holes from the tank, you can speed up the power production capacity of the engine and make the mower work fast.

3. Remove The Engine Case

Engine case adds the weight of the mower. You can keep the engine without the case. But proper maintenance is necessary in this case to ensure your safety.

Removing the engine case necessarily reduces its weight. It helps the smooth operation of the mower, improves the speed of working, and makes the engine relaxed.

4. Find Out the Damages

The components of a hydrostatic lawnmower have connections among one another. There may be some breakage in any element of the hydrostatic lawnmower.

Any such damage can decrease the power generation capacity of the engine. So you should carefully discover the problems in all parts.

5. Change The Tire

The tires covering the wheels bear the pressure and weight of the lawnmower. You have to check the tires and make sure that there is no leakage in the tires. If the tires are not qualified, the lawnmower will move slowly.

6. Install New Bled

The blades cut the grasses. Over time, they get blunt. From time to time, you should check their sharpness. You can sharpen the blades. If not possible and they become damaged, you should place new ones.

7. Repair The Hydrostatic Pump

The hydrostatic drive may have malfunctioned. The speed of the lawnmower dramatically depends on the hydraulic system. If there is a problem with it, fix it instantly.

8. Keep The Fuel Container Clean

You need to keep the fuel container clean and dirt-free. Before changing fuel or pouring new fuel, clean the tank. While cleaning it, be aware of keeping it water-free.

9. Pour High-Quality Oil

Quality oil produces more power in the engine. It thus makes the lawnmower faster. You can use the oil which the lawnmower company recommends. Good oil burns more quickly but may include more cost.

10. Remove The Governor

The governor of the lawnmower restricts the engine to limit more power. So you can take it out of the lawnmower to help the engine give more energy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ques: Can go uphill reduce the speed of hydrostatic lawnmower?

Answer: Usually, going uphill doesn’t reduce the movement power of a hydrostatic lawnmower. But if there is a low fuel level, it can move slowly.

Ques: Is it preferable to replace the hydrostatic lawnmower than repairing it?

Answer: You should prefer repairing the mower than replacing it because of replacement results in an expense of $200.

Ques: How frequently should you change engine oil and filter?

Answer: For the first time you should change it every 50 hours, then every 200 hours.

Ques: Is there any difficulty with a hydrostatic lawnmower to move through the snow?

Answer: It is comparatively more comfortable for it to go through deep snow with less reduction in speed.

Conclusive Words

Most of the lawnmower users expect faster grass cutting from the hydrostatic lawnmower. People using hydrostatic lawnmower sometimes face difficulties in confirming their proper use.

In some cases, the lawnmower engine fails to provide better performance and cannot exploit maximum efficiency. Therefore the users must possess some basic knowledge of its operation.

We hope you will be able to get the necessary insight into how to make a hydrostatic lawn mower faster from our article.