How to Hide Fence Posts| 12 Best Tactics to Try

Want to know how to hide fence posts? We are here to give you some easy tips. Let’s check it out.

A beautiful fence enhances the beauty of a garden, yard, or field. The barrier is secured if there is a substantial fence post.

People build different fence posts to provide a durable, long-lasting barrier that stands up to wind and sun rot. Sometimes this fence post spoils the beauty of a garden. So, it needs to be hidden.

How To Hide Fence Posts

Your neighbor may installs fences between their home and yours. It is just straight across the yard in the back of your home. If It looks so bad, you may want to cover your side with a more fantastic look. There are several ways you can improve your ugly fence posts. So, follow the steps of how to hide the fence posts:

1. Plant a Vine

Vine will increase and cover the fence. E.g., Wisteria is a good vine. It can climb, twin, or creep along a surface.

2. Choose a Hedge

Some shade-loving hedges such as Snowberry, Coralberry, Cherry are beneficial to cover your fence posts. These hedges grow slower than a vine. But they will cover better. They overgrow in moist soils and reaches 6-8 feet.

3. Plant a Hedge

For southern climates, Florida Anise makes a dense and beautiful hedge.

4. Put up a Simple Fence

If you can not plant over your neighbor’s fence, put up a simple fence of your own or grow plants that will grow fast. Crossvine and some jasmines can overgrow and give a deep shade. Even green beans or peas provide a quick cover.

5. Plant Variegate

It is a shade-loving vine. It gives you a full shade and is pretty drought tolerant. It grows upright along with steps or walls up to 12 feet.

6. Plant a Sun-loving

Physocarpus opulifolius or Ceanothus thyrsiflorus is sun-loving. It covers your fence beautifully.

7. Plant Bamboo like Shrubs

Bamboo like shrub has shoots that grow up to 6 feet in a season, e.g., Leycesteria formosa.

Viburnum rhytidophyllum is dark, and its leather-like leaves look fabulous against the fence.

8. Use Ornamental Shrub As A Fence

An ornamental shrub espalier grows in front of the fence to cover it. Its branches are trained to rise against the wall.

9. Build Something Besides a Hedge

A gazebo or trellis can build in front of the fence for covering the evil looks.

10. Plantings On The Other Side

Plant two lower plants to cover the fence, if you find a plant over or through the wall. It can help to soften the appearance of your barrier

11. Change Appearance Of The Fence

Build the fence in your style. Add coordinating elements to change their appearance. If it is a gray metal fence, use a shorter grey metal fence in your garden.

12. Paint Over Fence Posts

It is the easiest way to hide your fence post. It will give a sophisticated look.

Tips Before Hiding Fence Posts

Before hiding your fence posts, follow some tips:

  • There may be no need to protect your entire fence. So few hedges or trees are enough to hide fence posts.
  • Vines can cover the situation until the shrubs grow in.
  • You can take advice from your neighbor on what sort of fence to build and how high.
  • If you do not like the look, plant a hedge or a combination of trees and hedges.
  • You can plant according to your own choice in the garden. You need to understand how large plants will get and what they will look like when they are mature.

Best Plants For covering Fence Posts

  • Boston Ivy
  • Jasmine
  • Hardenbergia
  • Wisteria
  • Passionfruit vine


The best way of how to hide fence posts situation is to change the fence view. We love to help you choose the best way that is perfect for you.

Have you turned your ugly fence into an attractive addition to your yard? If so, follow the steps and tips given in the article. We think the report gives you the guidelines that you are looking for.