How to Clean Gravel of Fish Tank- W/O Vacuum Kit

How to clean gravel of fish tank is not an issue to be worried. Just a few steps and simple tasks you need to accomplish.

The pebbles that are kept to enhance the beauty of the fish tank or aquarium need to be cleaned regularly. Due to their extended stay in the water, a kind of slippery coating falls on them. Also, the pebbles get dirty due to dust, fish food, etc., which will ruin your fish tank’s beauty and environment.

Pebbles also create a happy environment for the fish. They can wander lively around the water and thus enjoy sound health.

One of the primary reasons for the low quality of water is the dirty layer of many fish tanks. Pebble stones are food residues, infected plants, and fish waste trapped in pebbles that slowly poison the water; sometimes even causes a strong odor.

How to Clean Gravel of Fish Tank With Or Without Vacuum Kit

If you want to avoid the struggle while catching all the fishes, changing water from your aquarium, we suggest you how to clean gravel without stressing your fishes.

A vacuum kit is a hand-held device that can be operated with effortless control. It picks up the dirt that has accumulated under the water and on the rocks.

Still, it is mandatory to clean 10 to 20 percent of the water weekly. Stones usually get dirty very quickly in aquatic environments, so they should be cleaned twice a month. Let’s see how to clean gravel in two ways:

How to Clean with Vacuum kit

Using a vacuum kit, clean the gravels according to the following steps

Step1: unplug heater, filter & air pump

Unplug the filter, heater, and air pump from the aquarium. There is no need to remove the trees and fish or even drainage. However, the whole thing has to be done quickly because too much pressure can damage the fish.

Step2: submerge the kit

The vacuum kit is also known as a siphon kit. Take the equipment and an old bucket to hold the dirt. The bucket should be placed under the tank so that the dirt accumulates in it. Submerge the tube into the water and start the cleaning process. The siphon tube will be completely submerged in water.

Step3: submerge the kit

The tube will be 2 to 4 inches above the gravel inside the tank. Now keep moving the kit up and down until the water flows into the bucket.

Step4: vacuum on the gravel

After the water has started to flow, spring cleaning. Move the tube over the gravel and make sure all the corners are clear. You can vacuum the pebbles by moving them to ensure proper cleaning. Some stones may get stuck with the tube during a vacuum, remove them.

Step5: Turn the tube

In between, the water in your tank will go down to 70 percent. Remove the gravel vac tube from and let it drain out in the bucket. The pipe may be full before you reach your desired level. Empty the pipe and do the vacuuming again.

Step6: plug again

Once the process is completed, and you are sure that the gravels are nicely clean, re-plug the filter, heater, and the air pump.

How to Clean Without A Vacuum kit

Although it is not easy to clean gravel without a vacuum kit, it will not be impossible for you. Follow the below steps:

Step1: Take a container

Take a covered bucket or any other container to keep the fish before doing the pebble cleaning work. Reduce the water in the tank by 50 percent using a siphon or cup and pour the same liquid into the container. As a result, the fish will not panic in the changing environment.

Step2: Transfer the fish

It is convenient to use a net to keep the fish from the tank to the container. However, it is better not to use a mesh in fish with big gills and fins like betta fish. Because of the holes in the net, the gills or the fins can go and get the fish in pain. Carefully pick up the fish by hand and place it in the container filled with water.

Step3: detach from the connection

Unplug the air pump, heater, and filter of the tank. To clean the stone without a vacuum kit, you need to empty the water tank. Remove the plants, other types of equipment, and decorations like lights.

Step4: clean the gravel

You have two ways to clean the gravels:

  1. Take out the stones and take them in a container, you can put them in a sieve to clean.
  2. If your aquarium doesn’t weigh too much, pour the rocks into a hand-held pan.

Use a hosepipe to clean the gravel in a sieve. Turn the hose over the pebbles to make the water flow and shake the rocks as well. If you are cleaning the gravels in the holding pan, move the gravels by hand. While stirring the stones, lightly press the pan to remove the dirty water.

Without being completely clean, know that unclean pellets will help to neutralize the bacteria. When you reset the tank, it will re-colonize.

Step5: plug again and fill water

When the stones are clean and dry, mix them all despite some impurities and fill the tank. Reinstall all equipment and supplies inside the container. Properly prepare the aquarium water to make the fish suitable for living. Before pouring water into the aquarium, make sure of its temperature and ph.

Step6: leave the fish into the tank

Once you are done all the tasks, finally put the fish back into the aquarium.

In Fine

Many people think that the dirt molecules have made the water turbid; in this case, only water can be changed. But it’s not okay. The dirt is actually stuck in the rocks. Suddenly, for any jolt, they float away and merge with the water.

The first way to clean the stone is the easiest method. This way, all the equipment of your aquarium will be in the previous condition, but you will not have to do any extra work. However, if you can do it carefully, the second step will not be very avoidable.

Our aim to share some accurate ideas on how to clean gravel will be fruitful if you can utilize them.