How to Bypass Safety Switches on Exmark & Sidestep Unwanted Stops

Are the safety switches on Exmark bothering you and looking for ways to bypass safety switches on Exmark?

Undoubtedly, the safety switches are for your safety regards when you need to check your mower conditions while or before riding your mower. But many a time, it happens that the safety switches become a point of irritation for no reason. And so, riders wish to bypass it according to their convenience.

If you’re one of them or want to bypass a safety switch for some other reason just go through this article. Here, we will give you a complete idea about Exmark safety switches and how to bypass them.

Let’s get started.

How to Bypass Safety Switches on Exmark?

Well, in most of the series of Exmark mowers, you will find basically 4 safety switches on the dashboard beside the seat. The first is the seat switch, the second is the switch for the steering level, the third one is for the parking brake, and the last one is the PTO (Power Take-Off) switch.

All the switches are to ensure the mower is working properly, and you get to go with mowing without any unwanted troubleshooting warning.

So, today, we will show you how to bypass safety switches on the Exmark. If you are looking for how to bypass safety switches on zero turn mower, this will work.

And don’t worry. We will also teach you how to do this on the reverse and get the mower back to its factory setting. Thus you won’t face any issue if you need to take the mower to the dealer.

Let’s start with the steps.

Step-1: Turn Your Mower Off

The first and foremost thing you have to do, like in any electrical troubleshooting program, is power off the engine. Yes, turn the engine of your mower off and remove the ignition key from the ignition.

After that, make sure the steering lever is in the neutral position to sidestep any other troubleshoot while working. And then wait for at least a few minutes to let the blades and other moving parts come to a standstill.

Step-2: Flip Up the Mower Seat

Now, flip up your mower seat to get access to the Exmark safety switch program. If you need can use a screwdriver to loosen nuts (if any) and open up the seat.

Step-3: Find the Safety Switch Socket

Right under the seat, you see a 3 wire safety switch or 4 wire safety switch socket connecting to the seat.

Basically, when you sit on the mower seat, these wires connect to the safety switch pin socket, which tells the engine and the blades to run. However, suppose somehow it does not get the connection. In that case, it literally does not let you start the blade or the engine for your safety regard.

What you have to do is make this socket befooled by bypassing it so that it assumes someone is already on the seat. And it can’t give the engine any sign when you are not on the mower.

Step-4: Take off the Wires

Now, take off the terminals safely. Make sure you don’t cut off the wires. Use any pliers if needed if your one does not let the option to remove the connection without cutting the wires.

And your work should be ended here if you see now no safety switches are on, and you can turn on the engine without sitting on the mower.

If Only Disconnecting the Wires does not Work!

However, if you still see the safety switches work, your mower safety switch program works as the grounded complete circuit. In that case, only disconnecting the wires won’t do the job.  You have to connect those two wires together with each other to complete the circuit.

Things You Will Need Here

  • Plier &
  • Tape


  1. And then connect them to each other.
  2. After that, wrap the tape around the wires that you connected.

Here if you don’t wish to cut off the wires and think about it might void the warranty or something like that, then here is a solution.

Take some little wire and crimp using two spade connectors on both sides of the wire. Then, connect the wiring connector to the safety switch terminal. Here you can use any suitable spade connector like the Amlits Connectors with Quick Disconnect of different shapes. And you’re done.

Things We Like

  • Barrel made of Copper and Vinyl insulated
  • Versatile use with a quick disconnect feature
  • Can be used for 120 Volts up to 60 Amps

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Now, when you need to take the mower to the dealer, you can simply take off this wiring harness and then connect to the seat as it was before. And if you have a warranty, you don’t have to take the headache of voiding it.


  • Make sure to take off the battery terminal before going with the procedure of cutting the wire.
  • Get a spade connector that matches the safety switch terminal in your mower.

Step-5: Resemble the Seat & Test the Mower

Now, reassemble the seatback to its position. And if there were any nuts that you have taken out, tighten them again.

After that, have a test switching on the ignition key and see if the safety switches are still stopping the engine from starting or not.

Now, you know how to bypass mower safety switches. Whether you start the engine without sitting on the mower, sit or stand in the middle of riding, the mower will no longer stop for the safety switch functions.

But you must also make sure that you are expert enough in riding your mower without the safety switches. Otherwise, things can worsen, and you don’t find any troubleshoot without the safety switches.

Bottom Lines

You stand in between mowing, and the engine turns off due to the safety switches. Now, you have to start the engine again, which is quite irritating for the professionals like you.

But no more hassling for the safety switches if you know how to bypass safety switches on Exmark mower. In this write-up, we have discussed the method in vivid with all the essential caution and instruction.

Read this now and ride your mower paving your own ways!